The more I see of Joe Biden

My daughter lives in the USA and tells me Jo Jorgensen is very popular but because the whole US electoral
System is stitched up between the Democrats and Republicans, she isn’t able to get airtime or media presence. Probably most of you haven’t heard of her. Biden is hardly squeaky clean but almost anything is better than Trump.

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I totally agree.

If there were no electoral college both Al Gore and Hillary Clinton would have won the presidential election.

I agree, the Democrats must win back the Senate. Four more years of Trump’s Republican Party will be the end of this country. You’re so lucky to already be in France. My (French) wife and I hope to finally make the move next year, but the results of the upcoming election could affect our Social Security payments and my pension (not to mention the falling dollar).

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I will trade you an American blond moron for an English one.

Both were born in NY in the USA, maybe there’s something in the water?

I agree, if this were a fair election I think that Joe Biden would win by a landslide. But the Republican Party has ways to suppress the vote; they know that that is there only hope of winning elections.

You may be right. They may also have similar diets.

Huh? whaaaat the…??? You are scaring me!!! My Social Security and pension had better be safe or I, and a lot of people will be in big trouble! I moved most of my money over when the dollar was strong against the euro, but I’ve watched the exchange rate along with my monthly income drop every time DT flaps his mouth. I still sort of suspect that Coronavirus, which targets people in the retirement age bracket, was at the very minimum perceived as a means to increase funding for SS. Hasn’t that thought crossed your mind as well? He deliberately stalled taking action for a reason.

DT promised that, if re-elected, he would permanently end the payroll tax, which is what funds Social Security and Medicare. That action would completely deplete the SS trust fund in just three years! And his proposed 2021 budget calls for cuts to SS and Medicare. At the moment, the Democrat-controlled House may be the only thing that can stop him. I don’t know where your pension comes from, mine is from the federal government and he wants to cut anything he can that doesn’t help his rich cronies.


The scenario gets worse and worse. What kind of imbecile would support a president who wants to take away their only source of income? Yet they exist, my own father included. Re-election simply cannot happen come November. Yes there will be massive attempts to supress voting and/or manipulate outcomes through whatever means possible. It’s a dire situation. If Biden wins, watch out for Proud Boy and other right-wing militia. It Trump wins watch out for everyone else who carries a gun. I dont mean to be pessimistic but I fear there will be bloodshed regardless of who is elected.
Look at Portland for example…

The “deplorables” need to use their guns.

I agree, he must not be re-elected. If he is, I don’t see how this country will survive.
I will feel much better viewing this situation from Europe. Chantal would rather wail until spring or summer to make the move, and we want to make sure that it will be safe to travel (in regard to the TRUMPVIRUS).

Good grief! Biden = bidon: fake everything. Especially fake Catholic.

Judged, convicted and sentenced by you, John Collins, in the authentic Roman Catholic/Witch-Finder General tradition, presumably?

The more I see of Biden the more I wonder how in such a great country as the US - these are the only two people who run for president.


@Sue_Young Would you want the job? I suggest any sane person would run a mile!

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In the current climate I would agree with you, but I’m sure there are still good people that could do the job :pray:
If DT wins again, I have read that Tucker Carlson will consider standing in 2024!

He’s talking about a 3rd term again :face_vomiting:

As someone who was born in NY, I will disagree with you (although I realize your comment was likely intended as a joke). There isn’t anything debilitating about the water. It is simply the way in which they were both raised to be narcissists.

I think he had intended that as a joke. I spent ten years in NY and have never (yet) been accused of being a moronic narcissist.

Give it time, Peter. ‘Narcissism’ is appellation de nos jours at the moment, and has still a long way to run before it’s done. I guess it’s the comet tail end of the “Me Too” movement, if that’s not too cynical a view to express… :thinking::innocent: