The more I see of Joe Biden

Ok. I did once run across Donald Trump in NY in the 80’s. It was outdoors and he was surrounded by bodyguards. I was socially distanced from him but was not wearing a mask. His spewing can travel great distances but I don’t think he had infected me with his NPD. (And if I was one day accused of those traits, I’m sure I would deny it.)

That has never been said of the British before. And Americans have never thought (out loud) my French wife to be “too frank”.

Yes bit of a joke, post amended. Wasn’t written to cause offense. Winston Churchill was born in Woodstock NY state may be a starting point name for entering politics…

Really? I thought he was born at Blenheim Palace, in the UK. His mother was American though.

@Peterkarak I did once run across Donald Trump in NY in the 80’s

Oh Peter, if only you could substitute over for across. :roll_eyes:


Woodstock in Oxfordshire, where Blenheim Palace is situated… so confusing all these place-names being reused, people get hopelessly lost sometimes.

Ptimary reason for voting for Biden - he’s sane.

If only…

I saw him coming out of the Plaza Hotel, which is on 5th Avenue. If he was shot on 5th Avenue, would the shooter get away with it (as he claims he would)?