The nonsense of blocking off of nongrocery items

Today I saw it with my own eyes, Super U blocked off the nongrocery items like books, clothing and garden items. The only company supported is Amazon and its share price is already high enough! It is sad to see, what kind of dumb decision politicians can make!
Wonder what would happen, if the Alcohol aisle would be blocked? It is scary, how much spirits are being sold in confinement!


I am not sure I fully agree with you, presumably the thinking is to limit people’s time in shops and thereby their exposure to Covid whilst allowing them to buy what is absolutely needed.


Strange - it seems that some Gamm Vert stores are open

This is being done to equalise the situation with smaller stores. Do you disagree with this?


In my area is nothing besides a Super U, Agreal and a Tobacco store! If you cannot find it on the local economy you go online!

Not at all but they are going to lose out to Amazon anyway so it boils down to protecting French business in the form of supermarkets against a huge international behemoth.


I would rather see saving lives prioritised , than worry about Amazons profits

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Stores like Leroy Merlin are still open are they not

I think this comment is very sound. This restriction on the sale of non-essentials reinforces the Government’s message (like the Attestation requirement ) that the lock-down is not a punishment inflicted arbitrarily on the masses but a call to people to think like epidemiologists instead of spoiled eight-year-olds.

And it’s a mark of French social maturity that it works.


All the aisle open in our local Leclerc, so no restrictions on non-essential items and signs up around the shops that are shut saying order our non-essential items by phone - people are being more inventive this time round, and good for them.


I think it is only coming in today according to the sign I saw in Super U yesterday.

I was in Leclerc this morning it was blocked of

Yep, come in today. Talking to fellow commerçants around me it’s a very difficult one to resolve, not sure I have the answer, just pleased I’m still open!


They did it in Wales didn’t they and then gave up after a week or so? I’m hoping that that happens here too as it is my little boys 6th birthday later in the month and I didn’t want to have to order on line but now I’ll have to if it stays!

Some of the things in Wales were ridiculous though ,sanitary products,baby clothes etc

I hope more towns will follow the example of Angoulême where about 40 local shops have clubbed together to make an online platform selling all sorts of things Amazon-style.


Talking of Amazon…

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Carrefour in Torigni-s-Vire [Manche] has it’s clothing aisles taped off, and the big shoes ‘shed’ on the same plot is shut. This was very disapponting as I badly need a pair of shoes that do not have a seam on the inside of the left shoe that is spearing into my instep like a sadistic shiatsuist. It’s really painful. I’m walking around with the laces undone, like some vagrant.

And as I am now up from Spain at my Norman 'beach-head ’ digs, with just two carry-on size suitcases of clothing, this sadistic left shoe is all I have for my left foot. Maybe there’s footwear to be had in St. Lo. Anyone know [Peter G] ?

For anyone who wants to order secondhand books from smaller bookstores try I’ve bought a few books over abebooks and the service is pretty good. Very simple web site, and unlike Amazon, only books, not washing machines and mobile phones and uncle tom cobley and all.

Except it’s owned by Amazon!