The panic at the borders

Everyone is rushing for planes, trains and ferries because of the 14 day isolation coming into place. Prices have doubled and more.
I had just started to get my business back up and running and had bookings for September, which are now gone.
I am just curious, are any countries bordering France quarantine free for UK travel? In which case those with cars could cross the border and return to England later without having to isolate for 14 days?
Not that I’m going anywhere.

No not if you follow the requirements correctly - even if you just visit France briefly you have to go into quarantine until 14 days after you left France (and other countries on the list). I think if you left France say 10 days ago and travelled into Germany you would only have to quarantine for 4 days.

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Thanks. it’s all bewildering to me.
So technically if someone had a destination in another country bordering, they could still go, and isolate rather than panicking to get to the UK or having to go back and isolate.
Hmm. I haven’t moved from this district since the crisis, so I find it all confusing, it must be a nightmare for those enjoying the freedom of a holiday or their second home after lockdown, but that’s how it is.

Yes, you have to declare a list of countries that you have visited. You could lie, of course…

But where would you travel back from with a car - with France, Belgium, and the Netherlands all “out” the next country along is Germany and there are no direct ferry services - the most northerly/easterly is the Ijmuiden to Newcastle route.

The best would be to go via the Channel Islands - you have to isolate until you have had two negative tests (taken on day 2 and day 5) - that’s potentially shorter than the UK but you’d still have to “forget” that you had visited France with potential criminal-record acquiring consequences.

Or you could be totally legit by staying in the Channel Islands for 14 days - which is a pain but at least you’d be free to come and go for 9 days of it unlike at home.

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Or go Norway (and possibly Sweden) to Scotland or Newcastle.

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Or what I suspect most people will do which is to go back to the UK, fill in the form, and then totally ignore it. Friends have said that people are ignoring contacts from track & trace telling them to self isolate so why will this be any different?

Is there any enforcement of this, and by whom?


I have heard a number of stories where there has been no enforcement.
It’s crazy, if such measures are needed, they need to be implemented properly.
I know big words.

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Which will take so long you might as well quarantine :slight_smile:


Because, if necessary, they send plod round to check.

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But what a great trip :grin:


I understand that people rely on income but I seriously haven’t understood why anybody would encourage travel this year. IT’S A PANDEMIC, not a joke, not anything to be taken likely. Masses on beaches, NO, masses on planes, NO, masses on ferries, NO. For the sake of a holiday? I DON’T GET IT. As for the travel industry, yes I so get it, but health has to come before that, surely? I’ve been in France for over seven months, had one meal out, two coffees and one glass of wine. We used to eat out in the UK twice a week…it’s about common sense and sacrifice.


Plod seems to be pretty well occupied with raves, street parties, overflowing pubs, and crowded tourist spots. And that’s before plod has got to the serious petty crimes of mugging, thefts and casual violence.

So it will be interesting to see if any stories emerge of plod visiting a quarantini and finding them absent. And if they do no doubt the Daily Fail will be outraged by this infringement of civil liberties.

No no, most of them got to their knees, got stuck like that and got repainted as statues.

The Swedish rote has been closed for many years now

What is the problem for people with a 14 day quarantine I mean is not that long if you are in quarantine the company can’t fire you ore can day? Ore just take it out in holiday days I don’t see the problem with at all … are they any one checking that people are really are in quarantine after they return home I mean the uk police is not famous for solving anything now days so how cold the check that people are actually staying in isolation for 14 days

No pay - that’s a problem to some people. You aren’t eligible for SSP and your company don’t need to pay you - you aren’t ill.


And school starts again soon, and kids in UK have had little to no education this year.

Plus some people on zero hours contracts will find they have effectively been sacked as no given an hours.


What about the self-employed? They have no company to pay them. If they can’t work there is no-one to pay them and no sick pay either.


Maybe a result of over heating… but … I rather think some folk post … using phrases which they know will inflame others… just for the hell of it… :open_mouth: :crazy_face:

We all know these are difficult times for folk… in all walks of life… in all countries… :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

rather than rise to the bait… :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face:
I prefer to pour another cuppa (whatever)… it’s the weekend… relax and enjoy…

Happy Saturday everyone… :hugs:

and lest anyone misunderstand… I too am worried sick about family and friends…


I do wonder how many people who missed the deadline for return and who have no more holiday pay entitlement will still go back into work next week?
Will companies / employers be informed that their staff missed the deadline and should be in quarantine? :thinking:

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