The refugee "problem"

Is anyone else struggling to find language to describe how utterly disgusted they are with the way in which the UK government, especially our hypocrite of a home secretary who, of all people, should understand what it means to flee an oppressive regimen, is dealing with this situation.

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Today’s eureferendum post explains the issues with the UK’s ‘policy’.


One question - why won’t France allow them asylum?

It does - France has accepted about 3x the asylum seekers that the UK has, Germany even more.


The real failure here is in the EU where certain countries refused to take their fair share of refugees,
leaving both Italy and Greece to shoulder the burden.
Also many refugees only speak English and want to come to UK because of that.
Here in 71 my friend has been teaching English to civil servants dealing with refugees who only speak their own language and English.
There is a very good support network for refugees here and I can imagine that they are just as well off here as in UK.
It appears that the UK is being shown as having streets paved with gold and the smugglers are taking advantage of that to ply their disgusting and sordid trade.
I have heard two Tory MP’s speaking on this subject and it appears that they are being bombarded by a goodly number of their constituents who are outraged at more immigrants coming to UK, whether they have refugee status or not.
Pritti Awful is appeasing the right wing of the party and those who voted for them and tying to keep her job.
You are right she is a total hypocrite, but she has crossed over the tracks and there is nothing like a convert to carry a flaming banner.
I set up a Gloucestershire branch of what was then Medical Foundation for the victims of Torture, now Torturecare, and met Helen Bamber.
We managed to raise £10,000 in two years until my treasurer and myself were both diagnosed with cancer at almost the same time and there were no others to take over.
Until you can get self satisfied people to imagine themselves in the shoes of those whose lives have been totally devastated by civil war and religious intolerance, the UK will continue to have a problem.


These are special people. Prepared to risk their lives for the chance of a better future. There is little doubt that they will make a valuable contribution in any country that will give them asylum.
Merkel knew that.


In the case of EU migrant workers exercising FoM rights this is true - migrant workers are generally more productive, more likely to be in employment and contribute more than native workers.

In the case of asylum seekers they tend to have lower rates of employment and lower incomes (so even those that find work are in lower skilled jobs) and, although the figures gradually improve it can take 10-25 years to fully integrate.

Many are simply traumatised. the “better life” that they seek is one where they are not shot at, blown up, persecuted, tortured, killed or unjustly imprisoned - they carry the scars of their experience with them

All of which, of course, are reasons to accept their claim, not turn them away.

There are problems, of course - economic migrants who claim persecution, the fact that it is hard to expel those who’s claim fails - it’s an imperfect system.

But to prevent them getting to the UK by empolying gun-boats is inhumane.


It is all just distraction. Covid continues to go badly - see sudden change of government direction to point at illegal immigrants - pandering to the pro-brexit numpties.


The current hoo-ha, yes. there was a suggestion of dead cattery to cover the alterations to the track & trace.

It is still pretty disgusting behaviour by the government - we’re world beating at not doing our bit, then suggesting that others do more, it seems.


Sweden even more than Germany

What gun boats are you talking about are you talking about the Royal Navy that has become a laughingstock in the world now can’t even go out of port because the can’t afford ore they don’t have the parts to fix the ship’s even running out of ammunition

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So why aren’t these asylum seekers staying in France?

I imagine there are lots of reasons including language, family and - perhaps - that they think Britain an “easier” place to claim asylum or disappear if their claim is not successful.

But the fact remains that France does process many more claims than the UK and that the UK government approach to this, as with many things, sucks.

Best comment on so far Mat. Send Shitty Patel off to Dover and then Johnson backs it up with a bit of primetime waffle. The knuckle dragging Brexiters lap it up, as they cough into their elbows.

The UK processed 40k asylum applications in 2019 and France 150k (Germany about the same). So, having kicked this whole sh*tfest off by joining Bush in his Iraq adventure the UK now refuses to shoulder even an equal burden as the French “cheese eating surrender monkeys” who warned against it.

After the transition period Johnson won’t even have the ability to send people back to France under the Dublin agreement. Take back control? LoL.

Strange that Johnson’s view on small boats in the channel diverges so much from his hero, Winston’s. I suspect Johnson’s opinion is closer to old Adolf’s in June '40. Though the appointment of Dan O’Mahoney (obviously of immigrant stock, like Shitty herself) to the Geheime Stastspolizei sounding rank of Clandestine Channel Threat Commander must have given him a thrill.

So now we have the daughter of Indian economic refugees from Kampala holding back the modest tide of refugees from a British screw up in the Middle East. Brilliant.

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Safely aboard, pull up the gangplank!


Streets paved with gold? Haven’t we heard that in the past? Many people from the Caribbean came here with those promises only to find themselves in under paid jobs and living in the outskirts of cities. They then found themselves discriminated against and if they were fortunate enough to earn themselves enough money to retire back to where they came from (Jamaica, in particular), murdered! There are people here, who came under ‘windrush’ and are being forced back and are being murdered…I hate what the UK are about. I hate India, Rhodesia, South Africa and all of the other pompous stuck up English ‘we did so much for them’ attitude tbh…I struggle to see the other side


I find it hilarious that UK government is requesting help from French government to reinforce the UK border - #TakingBackControl !

The suggestion that the French should do more to help is simply laughable. Given the reverse position I cannot see UK government encouraging refugees to stay in UK and not travel to another country .

Post January 2021 you just know that such issues will not be resolved.


We can’t get out of there fast enough… replace us with anybody else, simple as!

I think the French are offering to “help” if the UK funds it LoL.

I used to give Reiki at a Refugee Centre in Gloucester and remember a Syrian doctor who was not allowed to work until he had passed his English exam. He spoke excellent English but was waiting and waiting to take this exam.

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