The refugee "problem"

Either would do, I suspect, but subservient was closer phonetically which is why I picked it.

I grasped that, but was thinking of intent :grinning: either way pffffff.

Yes Cat, Subversion can refers to a process by which the values and principles of a system in place are contradicted or reversed., eg UK Court ruling on a subject is overruled or ignored by a court that has superiority over the UK Court ruling, admittedly it’s not a word that is generally used in this context, but it can be and would be correct.

That’s an interesting perspective but not one that I necessarily share.

Yes, but you used the word “subversive” which means:

So if you mean that the UK courts somehow overthrew or destroyed EU courts you might be able to say “because they [UK courts] were subversive to the European Courts” but that means precisely the opposite of what, I suspect, you were trying to say.

In any case, as I said, you are mistaken.

UK courts interpret UK law. They cannot be overruled directly by “EU courts”

EU directives are implemented by conversion into national law by the member states, that national law is then interpreted by national courts.

The EU courts of Justice can advise national courts on EU law and act in other fairly limited ways, they do not “subvert” UK courts on general UK law.

There is a brief overview here:


Paul I will not waste your time or mine on interpretation as it is a bit irrelevant, as UK PLC ceases to be bound by EU treaties and laws on 1st January 2021

So, I remain unsure how you think this will affect things next year.