The tories have voted that animals feel no pain!

(Barbara Deane) #1

This is crazy!
Even if you are not an animal lover surely you have studied biology even as a young child!

(Chris Kite) #2

(stella wood) #3

Crazy lot… and to think these folk rule our lives… :sob:

(Timothy Cole) #4

The title of this thread is so misleading, what the Tories did was vote against a 2017 amendment to the EU withdrawal bill relating to existing EU laws on animal welfare. They (the government) have in fact drafted a new bill (currently under discussion) which aims to specifically recognise animal sentience and increase the punishment for those convicted of animal cruelty.

(stella wood) #5

It’s Barbara’s Thread…

(Chris Kite) #6

Young children studying Biology…who knew😉

(Timothy Cole) #7

I deliberately avoided saying that in case I got told off!:grinning:

(Barbara Deane) #8

Well you are getting told off!

(Timothy Cole) #9

That’s not fair, Stella mentioned your name not me!! Hate my life.:sob:

(Barbara Deane) #10

Do something about it!