This time last year

I’ve been looking back, rather wistfully, at some of the pictures l took this time last year and starting to get a rather itchy shutter finger - Have you got any precovid snaps?

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Grand pics, Dan!

Bottle-stopper factory door perspective especially grabbing.

Corrigendum: Bottle-basket-weaver etc. :upside_down_face:

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Dinner trying to get into the kitchen! How marvellous!

This time last year the amazing, spectacular, astonishing fiesta of Las Fallas in Valencia had just ended on 19th March. Cancelled this year, of course. V Sad for me, as it might be the last time I am a resident in the thick of it. My move to FR is now on hold, of course. If Boris does not extend the Implementation Period it might scupper the whole plan.

So, here’s some from last year’s Las Fallas. I have picked some with a political edge that have all played out over the past 12 months.

Trump in bad company …

The Queen has taken a saw to the UK and cut it off from Europe. The notice bottom left read, in Valenciano, “What will the hoteliers do now? Who will there be to get drunk and jump off balconies?”

Far-left leader of the Podemos party, Pablo Iglesias, has achieved a long-standing leftist ambition and is digging up Franco’s remains from the dictator’s absurd, monumental tomb at The Valley of The Fallen.

Trump in even worse company.

Ex-Queen Sophie is taking a snip at ex-King Juan Carlos. The gold medals on his chest feature two women reputed to have been his lovers. One got a very hefty bung

*From this account, a ‘gift’ payment of 65m euros was later made in 2012 to Juan Carlos’s former mistress, *Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein.

On a lighter note, a tableaux concerning show-biz. The Lion King, Billy Elliot [bottom centre] but as always, a political reference - the far-right Vox Party get a mention, bottom left.

And finally, refreshments.

Presumably one could take these onto public transport and into Lord’s …


what a lovely photo…

Back in UK we had a pheasant living in the shrubbery (wilderness)… he gradually became so tame we named him Percy and he would come to the window when we called him… and rewarded him with food, of course…

and it was a joy to see him proudly parade … with his wife and family on occasion …

We don’t often see pheasants around our home, here, but we always think of Percy when/if we do…


Nice idea to make us look back…

26th March last year we were in Guimarães in Portugal buying one of these sculptures in eucalyptus by Alvano de la Vega. Happy days!

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My dinner is still up a tree

Then …


Ha ha… even though we had tame pheasants… I still enjoy eating others… :upside_down_face:

You’re going to have to wait awhile for dinner, hunting season doesn’t open end August , or Sept in some departments…

Lovely story Stella!
We named him Fezzo and enjoyed watching his parades outside the french window, his crowing on the bird table, and yes, his wives. He had superbly long tail feathers and it was easy to know who to root for when he one day got into a cock fight in the garden! In fact it was more of an elaborate sham battle but I reckon he definitely won.

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Wonderful response to this thread - Everybody is worried, anxious and super stressed - Photography records the worst and the best of times - These wonderful pictures are just the tonic for raising morale - Day 11 in isolation for us and reduced to eating boiled cardboard and drinking our stash of vintage red wine - hic!

Here are some more from last March


Much of my life revolves around food… this is a photo from March 2019, OH and I celebrate both our birthdays during this month… :relaxed: :relaxed:


OH had first dibs…


Thanks Dan, a great idea for a thread. Looking back to last March, not without quiet hopes for March 2021.


Lego animals at the zoo


cheating, just slightly… photo from 2018

A gallant gentleman hands out bunches of mimosa to all the ladies of the village… same time every year… :hugs:


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lambs 2016


Discovered after a crackly noise was heard coming from the bag of bird seeds in the boiler room…


I have seen the same thing in a box of fat balls for the birds outside :grinning: