Those 'damned' Europeans are going to make our new Passports


“We are taken back control” etc etc



Ha Ha Ha, U 'ave To Larffff :laughing:


so your not happy because the government is saving money on getting the passports made? this is exactly the same passports just a new colour when you get a new passport. nothing is changing for anyone holding at current passport. saving money is why its all about, yes would have been nice for a uk based company to get the work but heyho.

Presumably the Government will have to pay itself a tariff to import them back into the UK.

It plays to national sensibilities - British passports should be Brittish and all that but it’s a bit of a non-story really.

the entire thing is a farse and its always going to be who can do it for the least money

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Soooo pleased I just renewed mine and have the pleasure of a red one for the next 10 years :eu: :eu: :eu: :eu: :eu: :slight_smile:


I think you are missing the humour in this news item Harry. It also reminds us that after Brexit Britain is not going to find it easy to compete on the world stage.


we never competed even as part of the eu. over 99% of contracts go to lower bidders. Companies took their call centres and their factories to other countries many years ago because of the cots in the UK.

car companies only stay because of all the tax breaks they get. plus to move would cost billions.

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It’s a lot easier to compete on cost terms with countries like Germany and France than it will be to compete with China and India. In my work I was involved in tendering through the European Journal and British firms held their own.

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no idea but things like call centres, dyson hoover and many other things, including motorbikes are now made oversees and shipped to the UK and are still cheaper to make oversees.

There may be things that brits do win but 99% not won if prices were dropped then it would be easy to win much more and bring business into what I see as a dying struggling country. We have all seen the changes over the past 40 or 50 years and very little of it is good. its a constant downward spiral and I do hope that the people are right and that Britain pulls itself into an upward steps one brexit is finished. No one knows until we get there now though.

I am no expert these are just my own personal onions.

Britain has performed very well in recent years, strangely since it became a member of the EU. It certainly wasn’t in a downward spiral. Unfortunately for them the leave supporters published a graph showing how much the British economy had grown since joining the EU as they thought it was a good representation of how strong the British economy was. Slightly embarrassing.
Motorcycles? Do you mean Royal Enfield because I can’t think of any other ‘British’ manufacturers who build their bikes abroad and Royal Enfield is hardly a British company as the bikes in question, now made in India were last made in Britain sixty years ago. BMW, that great German manufacturer fits many of its bikes with Austrian engines built under licence in China. That’s Globalisation.

Nice to know I can have a French Passport if I want one, wonder who prints them? :thinking:

Triumph motorcycles. Assembled in UK but many parts manufactured in Asia.

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That’s quite different from being made overseas. The Triumph production line is in Britain.

Google “where was my triumph made”

I was not referring to a company that moved to oversees I just said motorbikes are now made oversees.

Triumph does have 2 factories i believe here but 3 in Thailand and most of the parts are made there. Original factory only closed in 1983 which is closer to 40 years not 60.

Hyosung also has factories here but again all the bikes are made in Korea, its not all about parts but about labour costs and factory costs.

There is also Matchless

closed in the 60’s

Norton closed in the 60’s but carried on as Norton Villas and continued into 1973 / 74 which again bring it closer to 40’s rather than 60’s.

Please do correct me if i’m wrong but that is info direct from Triumph frequently asked questions and from Norton and Norton Villas and (AMC) who owned the Norton brand from the 1953 to 1966

The country in general im referring to, not the economy. although lets look at poverty rates. more and more people on the poverty scale, is that the idea on a booming Britain economy? The country may well have appear better ff but th people are not and the people are Great Britain.

Sorry for any mistakes I haven’t got time to read it through properly and my head hurts.

The new Triumph Motorcycle company was established in 1983 and shares only the name in common with the Triumph motorcycles of the past. Hyosung has never claimed to be a British make.

Too much T in Britain already without adding more…

Triumph Engineering Co Ltd was a British motorcycle manufacturing company, based originally in Coventry and then in Solihull at Meriden. A new company, Triumph Motorcycles Ltd based in Hinckley gained the name rights after the end of the company in the 1980s and is now one of the world’s major motorcycle manufacturers

The “Origional” company closed its doors in 1983 when it went into receivership. Quote from the National motorcycle museum who ive just rang to confirm before i posted

There is a hyosung motorcycle factory in the uk but all bikes come from Korea but used to say built in Britain when they first opened as the bikes were assembled here so technically true as while parts were made in Korea they were technically assemled here . As I ordered a custom bike direct from them and it was built in banbury and i watched it being assembled on 2 occasions while picking pieces to get the look of the bike i wanted.

Just looking and banbury it seems is no longer there either now just dealerships.

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In case it’s not clear I was suggesting this might be the view of those who are getting agitated about this apparently non-patriotic move; it’s not particularly my view.