Thunberg, anyone?


Trump, Mr Perv-Orange, takes the piss out of GT.
"Appearing close to tears during the speech, Ms Thunberg said: “We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and yet all you can talk about is money. You are failing us.”

Mr Trump tweeted a video of the speech late on Monday night and said: “She seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!”

Trump had spent only a few minutes at the climate summit, a centerpiece of this year’s UN General Assembly schedule".


Trump knows how to make a child happy, see the delight on his son’s face to receive his father’s loving embrace…


Trump, taking the… magic person in charge of everything,…, anti science stand… against fixing global pollution…isn’t he declaring war on the Whole Rest of the World? While diverting attention to micro events and potential, nothing like as destructive, other wars?

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The kiddo looks as if breathing his last, suffocating.
Not unlike the dead leopard in the arms of happy shooter, Other Trump Junior, the Hunter.

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Bar :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:stewards

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@Fran24 …I’ve got to nowhere, with that, ,‘bar steward’ thought, despite some ferocious googling…
Only this…
U.S. President Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump said an employee of a Chicago cocktail lounge spat on him. Police wouldn’t comment directly about the alleged incident.

Must have been too hard to_resist, if Trump Junior was bragging about his leopard kill.

My view on thunberg might not be very popular here but I feel she is “controlled opposition” and funded by powerful corporate interests…

I agree that plastic should not end up in our oceans…and that banned chemicals shouldn’t be shipped to “third world” countries for disposal…and I agree that fracking should be banned and that we should eat less red meat…that we should preserve our pollinators and question the roll out of 5g and much more besides…that we should question the use of pesticides and herbicides…

But…I’m not convinced about “climate change” or “global warming” …

Earth is currently in a grand solar minimum and little sunspot activity…maybe others can point to specific research that I may have missed…???

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That picture with the leopard shows two Trump offspring, filth both of them. Utterly disgusting.


Do we need to see research before we accept that the climate is changing or that the planet is warming at an alarming rate? I find it hard to believe that Ms Thunberg is anything other than a bright, intelligent young lady who has inspired thousands if not millions around the world.


There is plenty of research that says the climate is changing and as Greta Thunberg points out the young school strikers aren’t saying anything new or hitherto unsuspected, they are just saying what the scientists say and asking governments to take action.


I’d be amazed Helen if she’s being “controlled” by anyone. Her power is that she is well along the autism/asbergers spectrum and has a brutal honesty which my generation and the ones that have followed mine badly need to hear. The power of her speech was her brutal raw emotion. I suspect in years to come it will be compared with Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream”. When Attenborough’s film was shown recently where he spoke of our having only 10 years commentators afterwards said that he was “too nice” - his mellow tones (even though from a place of anger) were too gentle. No one will be saying that about Greta.
I believe we don’t even have 10 years. Helen, as Greta said in her speech, the research has been there for 30 years - I’m surprised you have missed it. That’s 30 years we have wasted. I am ashamed of my contemporaries and I ache for what we are handing on to future generations.
And I hope there are powerful corporate interests behind her. It’ll be the only way anything will get done. Waiting for politicians to step up to the mark? Heaven help us!


Helen, I don’t know much about climatology research, and I know you aren’t research illiterate, but it seems to me highly probable that the consensus prognostication of the majority of the best and most extensively and longest committed scientists across the globe must be heeded IMO.

It’s not just research papers that figure in my own calculations, even if I could appraise them, it’s the huge population movements from continents blighted by unprecedented changes in rainfall, drought, floods, millions of subsistence peasant facing starvation and death.

I think those of us living privileged lifestyles of plenty need to set aside out quibbles and doubts, and get on board with Greta Thunberg. No corporate dupe she.

The young woman is running herself into the ground to save the lives of others, she sometimes looks near collapse from physical and emotional exhaustion. I believe her, she moves my heart to action.


Sorry Jeanette, just swearing at those low lifes.

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I’m ashamed too of the potential future we may be inflicting on future generations…I constantly think about my own grandkids and all the worlds children for that matter…

I just think we need to always be mindful of not only our own children but all the worlds children…just sometimes take a step back and view the bigger picture…???

One of my daughters has just had her third child whilst studying for her degree so she can ultimately work with young people struggling with drug abuse…she volunteers for women’s aid…she is also a huge advocate for natural medicine and is currently navigating for the third time her way through what she views as an oppressive vaccine industry…

We all choose our “battles” as each of us can only do so much…

I see my self as amongst many other things as an environmentalist but there is just something that niggles the back of my mind about the focus on “climate change”…”global warming”…”carbon neutral deadlines”…like it’s a distraction from other just as pressing and equally important issues…???


Such as what? Climate change leading to catastrophic weather events is already driving populations from their homes to countries which can’t or won’t take them in, the weather is arguably the principal cause of the civil war in Syria, the Paris agreement targets are still not being met.
What sort of world are your grandchildren going to grow up in? One rather less stable and pleasant than this one, where malaria, dengue etc will be endemic in Europe again.

And who benefits from not vaccinating people? It is true that higher infant mortality which disproportionately affects poor families keeps the population at a more sustainable level, so you might wonder who is spreading anti-vaccination propaganda in the developing world and elsewhere, and why. Try homoeopathy for eg Ebola. Look at the bigger picture.
Of all the conspiracy theories you could pick, the idea that climate change is no big deal is probably the most pernicious.


I saw a video on line (no idea who the tv show presenter was or the programme, it was from the US I think) in which the presenter was mocking the children of today saying they were the first generation to insist on air conditioning in classrooms, the first to expect mobile phones, spend all their time on electronic games instead of playing outside etc. The list went on implicating that the children of today were to blame, yet we, the older generations (mine and my parents) were the generations who made this all possible, there were no mobile phones when I was a child but it’s my generation who have moved technology on in leaps and bounds since the first ones became available.
To see adults blame children/teens for their use of tech and lack of outdoor activity makes my blood boil, they only have these things because we provided them, they only use them because we were too damned lazy (I exclude myself here as I restricted use heavily for my daughter and made her do “old fashioned things” which she now enjoys freely) to make sure they did physical activities, played outside, played musical instruments or did crafts, how can this possible be their fault!?

We, along with our parents are the ones who embraced and improved new technologies and are to blame for the state we find ourselves in today, and attempting to shame the children of today who are attempting to reverse or halt the damage we caused is scandalous, we are the ones who should hang our heads in shame.

As for vaccination avoidance, those avoiding it clearly haven’t had the “privilege” of seeing measles in all its fine glory, or had to live with the long term effects of polio, these vaccinations were introduced to relieve suffering, they have proved over the years to prevent these diseases and have been proven to be safe. Non vaccination should only be an option when there are medical reasons that prevent it, not vaccinating because it’s the trendy thing to do puts the lives of all those who can’t be vaccinated for medical reasons at even greater risk!
I have two sons with Fragile x syndrome and autism and I vaccinated the eldest because it was the right thing to do, the youngest wasn’t vaccinated because of health issues, their autism clearly has nothing to do with whether or not they were vaccinated.
Someone mentioned non vaccination as a way of natural selection, sadly the fools who do not vaccinate are the ones who pass it to those who had no choice and they live to say they weren’t vaccinated and they were fine!

Ok, rant over and work to do :blush:


I read the article which sounds like the video you describe. However, my take on reading it was that the writer was not mocking “the children of today” but was angry that they so easily criticise this generation without looking at the contribution they themselves are making to the very situation about which they are protesting. And does anyone truly believe that all of those hundreds or thousands of children who protested have a clue about the reality of what they were protesting about? A bit like those who voted “Leave”.

I don’t think I said that ‘climate change is no big deal’…???

A little harsh maybe…???

My daughter is certainly no fool and like you wants to do the best she can for her 3 sons…

She is well read and her health visitor has left the choice totally up to her conceding that my daughter knows far more about vaccination than she does…

This first vaccination appt is for Dip 1/ Hib 1/ Pert 1/ Pneu 1/ Pol 1/ Tet 1/ Rotavirus 1/ Men B1 / and routine Hep B1…for a breast fed baby not quite 3 months old…

She is certainly not refusing at this stage because it’s considered “trendy”…far from it…