Tiling on top of old wooden floors....and insulating at the same time

(Hilary Jane Dunk) #1

Hi folks,
Browsing today, came across


Impressive because it insulates with a dry screed and underfloor heating can be layed in this. Much cleaner and quicker than using concrete....

This is an eco-materials site I think...so may have other interesting stuff on it.
I wasn't aware that it is possible to tile on top of old wooden floors.....When I've seen online videos it's always been a choice between ripping up the old floor and concreting the surface before tiling...(nice looking but cold)....or fixing large sheets of ply/chipboard and screwing everything down to get rid of any movement and then tiling.....

Has anyone used it ? Expensive or affordable....?

(Hilary Jane Dunk) #2

Thanks all,

Have bookmarked these sites....

(Peter Bird) #3

No problem matey, send them down. Tell those thick breton builders I live in the 87 which is in France, give them a map of the world and tell them to head for 'Europe', ask directions after that.

(Ian Cowburn) #4

We were taking the piss out of expats in Dordogneshire, mate :)

Tell 'em we've got wolves round here, slavering at the bottom of the garden !

(vic evans) #5

Well my roofers turned up when they said they would & have carried out the re-slating of my roof in an impeccable manner. 5 mins for coffee am & pm plus of course the obligatory 1 1/2 hours for lunch. So far they have taken 6 days & should be finished by Thursday night I reckon, 9 days in total. I've told them that you guys are taking the piss. They are not happy & have asked where you all live. I of course have obliged so if you hear of 3 French guys looking for you, best hide your sorry selves :-)

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Eh non,Vic, I'm a bit far from you ! The copious wine sounds a good consumer incitation :)

(vic evans) #7

Ian, you obviously haven't met our guy 'Eric le Sausage your basement butcher' I've just bought pork sausages & chops plus Turkey escalopes & legs 13 kg in total for the sum of 50 euros.The 3 kg of ribs & copious wine was free :-)

(Ian Cowburn) #8

Stop this ! I cannot take this any more !

*mouth watering Eccles cakes anyone?*

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Aw cripes, Vic, good job I didn't have the apéro "en quaffe", would have snorted it all out !

(Peter Bird) #10

Being from Norfolk I really appreciate her dumplings...

(Ian Cowburn) #11

Can't bear the thought, Vic... would plunge me back into the era of flappy striped pants and trilbies :)

*off for apéro to wipe the mind screen clean*

(vic evans) #12

my lady friend is from Lorraine" I suppose her quiche is a bit special also;-

(Ian Cowburn) #13

Yeah sorry, a bit lame I know, it's getting near to apéro time, inventivity at a low ebb :p

Incidentally we get all our pork and chicken products from this local farm produce place, excellent quality and nice and cheapo!


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It's 'cos all the thugs in films who beat up their wives seem to wear 'em . (sleeveless vests that is,) Think about it ! :-)

(Peter Bird) #15

Not the old "Got a choucroute to roll out first" excuse ?

As it happens, my lady friend is from Lorraine and her choucroute is simply deeelicious !

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Just got our first one in Carrefour this morning, Peter. Hadn't been out shopping since it came out. Going to quaff it with a roast fowl sometime this week. (Got a choucroute to roll out first though, that needs a decent Alsacian white - or a craft beer)

(Peter Bird) #17

I don't drink much Ian, I spill most of it !


and on that subject...

le Beaujolais Nouveau is quite quaffable this year I find...

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If we get over quick to the Gender Equality thread there're a few pints going before chucking out time, Peter :)

(Peter Bird) #19

She was only the Town Clerks daughter but he let the Borough Surveyor...

She was only the Radio Operators daughter but she dit dit & dit dit & dit dit..

now getting my coat to join you Ian !

(Ian Cowburn) #20

Is that another one concerning the "landlord's daughter", Vic?

*gets coat*