Timewalker with Words

Timewalker here, having just returned from a voyage back in time.

Who remembers these words or phrases? (explanations on request)

Crash Gearboxes, Double de-clutching, starter handles.bench seats, chokes.
Dress Patterns, Dirndle, Littlewoods, Grattans, cloth from the bolt, A-Line
Pools, Shelters, Tickets, Rationing, Saturday Morning Cinema, queues, Buskers,
Bakelite, Skylon, Coke, Scrumping,
Drape Jackets, Drainpipes, Brothel Creepers,DA, Boston,Tony Curtis
Loose sweets, Gas rings, Meter Boxes, Hobs and Ovens, Backburners.
Vulcan, Brabazon,DC4,Comet,
Wodbines, Senior Service, Players, Sobranie,Ogdens, Turf, Kensitas, Pall Mall

I am sure there are many that could be added;


Taking jam jars to the local cinema to qualify for free entry. Loose biscuits sold by weight. Mishaped sweets sold cheaply by weight. Pounds and ounces. Public Baths, Meter readers. Green shield stamps. Co-op Christmas stamps, Mini skirts, Platform shoes, Hot Pants. Mangles, Zinc Tubs, Outside toilets, Coal cellars, Newspaper squares on a string (no toilet paper). Destemper, Lincrusta…

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Preserving eggs in isinglass over the winter.
Bottling fruit and vegetables.
Riding into the barn on the top of the hay cart.
My grandmother making the best black pudding.
Porridge simmered on the Aga overnight.
My aunt’s trifle made with cream skimmed from the milk and homemade blackberry wine.
Untangling string.


Eating at the table, asking permission to leave the table. Calling teachers sir or miss. Standing up when a teacher entered the classroom.Home made Potato Wine. Fruit picking in the school holidays. Snug (pubs) Winkle and Cockle sellers coming round the streets. Bakers deliveries. Rag and Bone men…

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The pop man.

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Elastic garters to keep up long socks, Passing Cloud cigarettes, mothballs, Ex-Lax, tin-can-and-string telephony, playing cowboys and Indians, the Saturday Matinee, Roy Rogers and Tarzan, buying halfpenny stamps at a coin-in-the-slot machine, steamrollers, running out in the street with a shovel to collect the baker’s horse’s steaming dung for the garden, blue-bags, rabbits hanging from hooks out side the greengocer’s shop, “six of the best” with a cane in the Headmaster’s study, paper windmills from the rag-and-bone man, those tubular contraptions in department stores for sending cash to the cashier by putting the money in a tube and having it sucked through a pipe to his/her window so s/he could send the change , and (dare I say it, a favourite Golliwog doll)…:hugs:

Oh yes, these are memories indeed! I recall there were still many horses on the streets in the 50’s? Plus the (now) remarkable arrival oft he glazier soon after a window was broken?
I recall helping(?) my brother on an early morning milk round. The horse knew more than we did, strolling up the roads and stopping as required!
Floggings in the HM study? Of course - plus at ne school being able to choose the weapon from a rackfull! Thinner more cuts but shorter duration, thicker more brusing and longer duration!! Physics at a practical level?

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Y indeed, although the only ‘Snug’ i recall was at the Jerusalem Inn* in Nottingham, where my Uncle held forth.
*Oldestpub in England?

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You’ll need to remind me, Norman. I did General Science 1 & 2 at GCE ‘O’ level (NUJMB) in 1953 and got two good passes, Physics featured in both papers but all I can recollect is working with prisms to measure refracted light! I think we did something on levers and temperatures, but it’s just a fog now!

Most of the pubs in our village had a snug, usually with etched glass window and door.

Coal/coal man (always black :slight_smile:) as in filthy dirty

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Cap guns - for playing cowboys and indians (or England against the Nazis)

Pinky and Perky, Hector Heathcote, Ivor The Engine and Torchy The Battery Boy.


I used to see Pinky and Perky ‘live’ at Heysham Head every summer.
Jan and Vlasta Dalibor, they used to come round with a conical purse on a stick after tge show.

Mr Turnip, Muffin the Mule, Andy Pandy…:hugs:

Oh and The Flowerpot Men

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Callan, I really liked the haunting intro…


Nostalgia, eh?
It’s not what it used to be!

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I still have my Mr Turnip string puppet :hugs:

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Wacky Races and all those eastern european childrens series like Rumplestiltskin and Belle and Sebastien etc