Timewalker with Words

And little weed!


Wooden tops and spotty dog

The Bumblies… what fun
Quatermass TV Series (which I was never allowed to watch - but heard all about at school)
Annette Mills

and how about “Lift up your hearts” on the radio at 7.50 every morning…

Just been reminded of this whilst watching the fantastic ‘63 up’ -

‘G Davis is innocent’

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The milkman’s horse - providing coveted horse manure for the roses etc.

I used to pass under one of the bridges where ’ free G Davis’ was written !

Zebedee, time for bed now children ! Not forgetting Dougal and Florence of course :hugs:
Fairs on the village green and searching for pennies when they left …

No Ian, its a thing of the past …:rofl::rofl::joy:

Mr Softee the ice cream man and van
99’s and tubs with strawberry juice

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Loved the Bumblies.

Couldn’t stand Andy Pandy.
Loved the Flowerpot men.

Dixon of Dock Green, Z cars, High Chapparal, Black and White Minstrals, Saturday Night Live at The London Palladium, The Generation Game… anything with Hughie Green ,all loved by my parents …

Blue Square of salt in a packet of crisps, taking back the empties to the off licence for a few pennies, Jamboree bags, Packet of 5 woodbines, Bus conductors (happy), Billiards hall above Burtons, sawdust on the Butchers floor, ABC Minors on a Saturday morning, Playing conkers, throwing bamboo arrows, brooke bond collectors cards, cream soda,

Micheal Benteen Its a Square World

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Loved Cream soda, used to sometimes put a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it for a treat …


Cod liver oil, Venos, Delrosa Syrup, Indian Brandy.
Zoff to remove elastoplast.

Gas tanks, trolley buses, dandelion and burdock and cod roe. Tizer and black jacks, meccano, etch a sketch, slinky. Tick a tick a timex. Last bus home, cherry B, maxi coats and midi skirts, chain belts and kinky boots. Vesta curry, soda stream, PLJ and ryvita.

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What a great post and what a load of memories too, all in good fun with a shed load of nostalgia, something good to go to sleep on…bet there will be loads more posted tomorrow. Off up the apple and pears now, so it’s goodnight from him and its goodnight from me ! :sleeping::sleeping:


Belle et Sébastien was French, if you mean the 1960s one. It was before my time but I know of it!

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Sunday Night at the London Palladium.