Tip jarrrrrrrr

Will the tip jar be open this Christmas? @cat @james

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If I wasn’t in such a tight money position, especially at Christmas (why in gods name does the 16.5 year old have to have such an expensive coat???!!). I’d totally be tipping. You guys run a great site @cat @james ! For the moment my contribution is being not grumpy and chatty, and I hope helpful!! :rofl:


Here’s a tip - don’t send me emails such as that on 21/12 containing four-letter rants.

If necessary I can swear with the best of them, but it’s not the sort of language in use in our home, so I don’t need it in my inbox.

If you care to allow it in your forum then it’s your choice, and it’s my choice if I continue to go there.

This doesn’t sound normal. Might the email you received be spoofing? There’s a lot of it about lately.

It’s difficult to know what has happened here, @Deuxanes, but might you have signed up to receive automatic email updates and one of those contained material you didn’t like?

If that’s the case, you just need to turn off the emails.

As @porridge suggested, I have switched off all email notifications apart from direct messages. That, together with setting the mute/ignore button on threads/people I find unpleasant means that I can arrive on SF reasonably happy that the things I don’t want to read are in a bubble I’m not seeing.


Definitely a genuine email, it was the regular Survive France Summary. I’ll do as suggested and turn off automatic notifications.


Yes. Exactly that.

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