Tolls in france

Is there anywhere I can get a tag for the tolls in France in Calais. We are suddenly having to go over and have no time to order one. Travelling from Scotland to Dover and ferry to Calais, heading for Lower Normandy?

Just to pre-empt replies, unless the autoroute you use is enormously crowded, you don’t really need one. We’ve been quite happy without for several years, just collecting a ticket and bumping a bank card. Of course if it IS very crowded then you may save a few minutes.


Ok, thank you.

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In 25 years in France we have never “needed” one. It is not like switzerland when you have to buy an annual pass. Make sure someone is in the passenger seat and it’easy.

If you really want one the go here

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Yeah, we don’t have one… although I’ve seen some deals where you can get one for free and are only charged if you use it during the month, so maybe I’ll get round to picking one up some day in the not too distant future… possibly.

As others have said, you can very easily just pay by card or cash at the péage.

But if you have one you don’t even need to stop at most of them, head start on the drag race :slightly_smiling_face:


I only got one because I often drove alone in a right hand drive car. Mind you, now I’m used to it, I wouldn’t be without it, especially rolling through the 30 km/h barriers.


One doesn’t need one, but it’s great to see the barrier rise without you having to do anything - a bit like the fast lane at airports…

I couldn’t imagine driving on the autoroute without one. Costs are minimal and it’s very convenient.


Hello @suej and welcome to Survive France.

We live in Lower Normandie and the autoroutes are all free! You do have to pay north of that but we’ve never got a tag in all the years we’ve been doing it so definitely a “nice to have” rather than a necessity :smiley:

We have one, and they are very useful - but having property in Brittany the only autoroute we use regularly is the A84 - which is free.

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We have one. In fact, we’re on our second one.

It’s not a necessity, but it makes things easier.

There are various SANEF offices in Northern France where you can buy a BipandGo tag:

The one near Arras is the closest to the Tunnel:

ZAC Artoipole
2 Allée de Belgique 62128 Wancourt

(there was one near St. Omer but it is listed as temporarily closed)

As others have said, you don;t necessarily need one, but it’s a handy thing to have! Especially if you are on your own in an RHD car, or (like me) usually on a motorbike!

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This is true, but if you don’t have a front seat passenger and are driving a RHD vehicle and have to get out to take a ticket and pay with a card, it can be a PITA.


Just get one of these for your car… :grin:


:grinning: :rofl: :rofl:

We have a toll tag and love it but only use it a couple of times a year. There is always an element of concern as you reach the first barrier on a trip but then bleep and off you go.

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Know what you mean, ours is now 9 years old , still works but I’ve no idea of the battery lifespan :thinking: