Too Old To Drive?

Is it okay to drive at 97?

Bizarrely we were taking about this at work before the DoEs accident. It is amazing how well people with quite advanced dementias can drive. They may not know where they are going or be aware of danger but the actual practical driving is not a problem

We have a relative who did just that. She spent a long time getting to know the M25 after missing her turning. In the end she had the sense to keep stopping at services and asking directions, and got home eventually.

It really depends on the 97 year old surely. My fil was driving until he died at 84 years he was a former lorry driver so was an excellent driver.
I often think the worst drivers are mum’s on the school run, they are in a rush, distracted by children and sleep deprived. One mum mounted the pavement and almost ran over my foot when I was picking up my daughter.
I don’t think it’s ever fair to use age in isolation as a factor.


And drivers under 25? There are drivers in all age groups that shouldn’t be let anywhere near a car.


Regular retesting for all would solve the problem and would not be ageist.

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That’s what I was reading today. Eighteen to twenty four olds pose a much greater risk than the over eighties.

I’ve been appalled at the number of new drivers… who are caught/stopped for speeding (ridiculously high speeds)/dangerous driving/crashing…and these do seem to be the younger set… A few of them lose the licence within days of gaining it… although thankfully without killing anyone…(yet…)

I think he explains himself perfectly here…


A relative has just given up driving at 90 as she realises her reactions weren’t as good. The last few years she has only been close to home but did like the independence. A lot is down to the individual themselves , whilst not condemning older drivers, we shouldn’t dismiss all young ones as reckless.

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Quite so Nellie… all sorts of bad drivers in all age groups.

There are conflicting reports, as well, in this case. We have no confirmed facts/details to suggest which party was to blame…

One of my next door neighbours where I used to live in West Sussex was the ballast for a local horseman who competed in driving competitions. She had been asked to take part because she was tiny, very light and liked horses. With their horse, Eric, they were National Champions in their class several times. Esmé often talked about Prince Phillip and his ability when driving a carriage and four. Apparently he really was a a cut above in a class that was beyond most. Thirty years on and driving a car not four horses so perhaps age has caught up. When the facts are revealed we will know much more.

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I also ‘groomed’ in driving competitions back in the UK and can testify that yes, PP was very, very good.


Is groomed the correct term?

Talking about horses, I suppose it is, isn’t it… :thinking:

My three all passed their driving tests as soon as they were old enough…relief that I no longer had to be their unpaid taxi driver coupled with apprehension as they set off on their first unaccompanied drive to wherever they were off to…up the shop…going to see a mate…

Getting insurance on their first cars was a nightmare…

My son…the youngest probably had the worst of it as he was viewed as the highest risk…18 year old male…we paid massive premiums…

None of them were ever involved in any accidents and today my son is an hgv driver…

I do think it’s difficult for our youngsters…they need transport to get to work…a car can be bought for a couple of hundred but insuring that car can reach into the thousands…

Yep it sure is.

It’s a verb.

I used to groom for…

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To take the thread down a different path, should PP be prosecuted if he was at fault?

I am wondering aloud.

Kia v Land Rover… and the Land Rover is turned onto its roof… mmmm… that must have been quite a punch… :thinking:

So glad no-one was badly injured… which makes me think both cars must have safety features… :relaxed:

Yes, of course.