Too Old To Drive?

Why would you think otherwise…


The incident will be investigated “and any appropriate action taken”, the force added.

Chris Spinks, who led Norfolk’s roads policing team for five years, said officers would likely follow-up on first hand accounts and interview those involved.

The retired chief inspector added that there would be “no favouritism” shown towards the duke during the investigation.

Maybe it’s not in the public interest to prosecute any 98 year old regardless of his or her ‘status’.

According to the BBC the driver of the other vehicle had cuts and the passenger a broken wrist.

Timothy… I find that a bizarre thing to say. It is in the public interest to find out what happened and follow it through in the normal way.


Beg pardon Nellie… I have amended to “badly injured”… and, of course, PP had blood on him as well…

I was merely making the observation that, despite the obvious force of the Kia hitting the Land Rover… there were, somewhat surprisingly , no awful consequences…

If PP handed in his licence would that not be sufficient or is it really necessary to arrest and charge him, assuming he is at fault of course?

I’m wondering if TM also got in touch with the occupants of the other vehicle to wish them well too…???

Oh I think they will have had lots of attention and very good care
On the question of prosecution. A friend of mine had an accident that was her fault and although another vehicle was involved she was the only one injured and in fact had a brief stay in ICU the police turned to her husband and basically said that she should have been done for due care but they felt she had been punished enough and weren’t going to pursue it

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What age group was your friend Nellie…???

Only in her forties,but the police decided to use some compassion

That decision worries me.

Why does it worry you?

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Here in France the whole population is having to abide to an artificially low speed limit in the name of road safety. It seems odd to me that individuals who have been considered to have driven dangerously are shown compassion. I know it’s two different countries but it seems to be an odd state of affairs to me. Dangerous driving needs to be punished whoever the driver is.

I didn’t say that she had driven dangerously I said the charge would have been driving without due care and attention There is a big difference

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IMO, the police will possibly have taken into consideration whether or not any prosecution was likely to win … (these things are never a certainty)… and it is also possible that they spoke harshly, as a warning … which I reckon will have been taken to heart by your friend…

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Oh she was definitely in the wrong but any legal punishment would not have been that severe and the police thought that the nature of her injuries would more of a lesson to her

Driving without due care and attention is serious enough. It is considered to be more dangerous than driving when using a phone and the fact that it caused an accident compounds things.

@smw “we have no confirmed reports to suggest who might have been to blame”

And I don’t expect any. The curtains will be closed discretely on this matter, and mouths will be stuffed with compensatory gold.

A vehicle moved out of a side road onto a main road, the former was controlled by a give-way or a stop sign. Any questions? Presumably HRH’s passenger had his nose in a book, or was browsing the net, as you do.

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Peter… I find your post offensive. Your remarks are defamatory IMO … Please edit your Post.

There is a published description of the event, which sets things out: this is the gist…

Vehicle A exited a minor road to traverse the major road. Vehicle B, travelling along the major road, the vehicles collided causing Vehicle A to roll over and slide… whilst Vehicle B ended up in a hedge…

The police have made it quite clear that there will be no favouritism, they are investigating and reports will be made and any necessary action will be taken… in due course… etc etc…

(Looking at photos of the scene and the cars… PP’s vehicle appears to have been hit on the passenger side… but this is only my view…I have not read a report of the vehicle damage. )

Your Post is out of order IMO.

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