Top-up health insurance 'mutuelle' in France


(James Higginson) #61

Thanks @fabien it’s great that you’re getting directly involved with any queries our members may have!

(James Higginson) #62

We are indeed, we are definitely ‘winning’ the insurance game this year due to the policy provided by @fabien!

(Fabien Pelissier) #63

MGEN is open to everyone but is indeed included in the public servant’s list of (partially) refunded mutuelle. That makes it cheaper for them. Again, there is no such thing as a good or a bad premium, some are just better adapted to one’s situation!

(Fabien Pelissier) #64

Cancelation is unfortunately badly handled by the companies very often. That shouldn’t be the case but you know French and the administrative stuff? :wink: One thing is for sure, the sooner you send the letter the better your chances to do it properly. That’s one of the reason why I like to do that process myself, I’m usually waiting for the confirmation from the company before making the switch to the new one… just in case! Another important thing: it is mandatory that an insurer (or a mutuelle) answer you within 10 days, otherwise they are not respecting the ‘ACPR recommandation’. ACPR being the equivalent of the FCA in the UK.

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Thanks, actually I was a bit confused as on the main post the first comment that shows up are old one so I though this post was dead for months now. Now I know, I’ll try to help as best as I can :wink:

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Lovely to see you’back’ @Sheila_Walshe-Blackm - hope everything is going well xxx

(Simon Newton) #67

This always gets me… I’ve worked in the insurance sector for nearly all my adult life. All complain - but and this is a BIG but insurers need to make a profit - if they go out of business we’re all worse off. They don’t want to say no but they do have to play by rules, I know it often seems unfair but at the end of the day we want our insurers to be here tomorrow and the foreseeable future. By the way I was an insurance broker not an insurer or as in France an agent and yes I’ve spoken to Fabien and he’s exactly the right person to represent the needs of the buyer - I’m sure over time he’ll have the majority of my policies.

(Véronique Langlands) #68

My mutuelle and top-up are both MGEN which covers everyone in my family ( seeing we are all in education in one way or another) and I really couldn’t do any better elsewhere :wink: especially as there are 7 of us…

(Fabien Pelissier) #69

Indeed they are very good for people working in education (and public workers in general). We might say you are their ‘core target’ :wink:

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Thanks for that kind of comment, I’m really moved by your words and flattered that you trust me that much. It’s the best motivation to keep up with the good work :wink: By the way, I hope things have settled down a bit with Harmonie?

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Morning Julie, welcome to SFN and happy to read that kind of comment… being helpful, that’s exactly why we are here :wink:

(damian john ) #73

I also sought Fabien’s advice but due to pressures of a house move and other complications I did not pursue his advice and may even have been rather negligent in not acknowledging his help. If that were the case I apologise. At the time it was easier just to stick with AXA who have always been more than competent although I am sure that there are better alternatives.

(Terry Williams) #74

I’m in the process of changing my mutuelle with Fabien’s help and it looks like he’s going to save me €2,400 a year and the cover will be the same if not better in some cases. My current mutuelle has now said “Oh we can match that”. So why have they been charging me so much for the past 20 years?

(stella wood) #75

Wow… @terry … guess I had better talk with Fabien myself…:relaxed:

(Fabien Pelissier) #76

Many thanks for that feedback Terry, actually your example is part of what I prefer in my job, helping you saving a lot while maintaining the level of cover that’s a win-win-win situation as the new insurer is happy to get a new customer, you’re happy to make some savings and I’m happy to help you out :wink: My only request (if I may) is for us to get back in touch before 2037 so I can run some comparative analysis on a regular basis to make sure you always have the best deal (usually a checkup every 3 or 5 years is ideal). Thanks again for your support!

(Fabien Pelissier) #77

Happy to get in touch if you’d like of course :wink:

(Fabien Pelissier) #78

Hi Damian, don’t worry I’m sure you are properly covered as AXA is a pretty good insurer. They are not the cheapest but at least the cover is good (well it is 90% of the time :wink: ). When you just arrive from abroad it’s easier to go to an agency around the corner at first I completely understand and of course I’ll remain available later on if you’d like to review your policies at some point. Just a quick highlight on the French laws to cancel a policy as the process is different regarding the kind of insurance. For car and house insurance you can cancel these whenever you’d like as long as the policy is more than 12 months old. For anything else you have to send the insurer a registered letter at least 2 months before the renewal date (which is not the subscription date in 90% of the case so be careful). Maybe we’ll catch up later? Have a great day,

(stella wood) #79

yes please Fabien… we are currently with Allianz (used to be AGF)…(renewal July)… Pharmacies/specialists etc etc say how good our cover is… but it does cost us an arm and a leg… so must be worth us looking at alternatives and taking best advice from someone who is trusted. (ie You !)

(Fabien Pelissier) #80

Well it certainly can’t hurt to have a look! Can you contact me via email directly with your phone details and I’ll be happy to get in touch (my email being Looking forward to hearing from you.

(stella wood) #81

Cheers Fabien… it will probably be end of this week beginning of next. I am paying the high-price of going to UK on holiday and letting stuff mount-up in my absence…:wink: