Top-up health insurance 'mutuelle' in France


(Fabien Pelissier) #82

No problem there is no rush, just shoot me an email whenever you have some time and I’ll call you back whenever you see fit :wink: Have a good time in the UK!

(Terry Williams) #83

No problem Fabien. Though I’m not sure I’ll still be around in 2037! Mind you, why wouldn’t I make it to 96? image

(Fabien Pelissier) #84

Well I’ll try to keep the insurance side as trouble free as possible and hopefully that stress relieve will buy a couple more decades at least :wink: Finger crossed and hopefully we’ll catch up soon :blush:

(stella wood) #85

Not that anyone is necessarily interested… but I fully intend to live until 99 (at least) and I shall kill my OH if he dares to go before me… :heart_eyes:

(James Higginson) #86

Hi everyone,

It has come to my attention that at least one Survive France member has been cold called by someone with a view to selling insurance policies with reference to this post. This person has nothing to do with Survive France or @fabien

We do not operate in this manner nor do we pass on your information to third parties, please be assured this is just a cold caller and should be treated as such.

If you do get a call mentioning Survive France I would be grateful if you could let me know.