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Good Day Fabien,
I wonder if you can give me some advice.

My hisnand (aged 66) and myself (aged 67) have been living in France 7 months if every year for the past 10 years. We have yearly contracts from our Agent to this effect.

We have decided to live permanently in France. We want to buy a property here. However, we need time to pack up in the UK. We want to buy a property on a mortgage. We have a very good income - pensions. We have applied to UK for an S1 which has been approved and is on it’s way to us. We are preparing to visit to CPAM to obtain the necessary forms to complete.

What we need to know is how do we go about obtaing insurance cover for, what we understand, the Carte Vital does not cover. Please excuse my ignorance.

Can you help with mortgage advice also?

Kind regards,
Lin Kirby

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