Top winter destinations in France

If you're going away this winter or just thinking about it, let's hear your top destinations anywhere in France. For me I would love to spend a couple of nights is a snug chalet up a mountainside in the Pyrenees, perhaps near St. Lary Soulan.

Where would you go?

Thanks Zoe, I will have a look at the links.

Well, the hotel I work in is expensive, but, aren't they all. I would recommend my hotel, only, they make you pay for Wi-fi, and I find that outrageous. I work in the Beaulieu, which is connected to the Carlina. If you wanted a change, you could stay down in Talloires, in the Beau-site. You're overlooking Lake Annecy, yet only half an hour drive from the slopes.

I don't know much about the hotels in La Clusaz, but They all seem a little pretentious. Where I work, here's the webite;label=beaulieu-la-clusaz-8Ldsf3DWuPGOjILN5m4oFQS2435503254;ws=&gclid=COLar-WQ8KwCFQMPfAodjH9tLg If it were me, I'd stay down in Talloires, but that means driving to the slopes, and finding parking...There is probably a skibus though.

Thones is possibly an option also,or even St Jean de Sixt, that's halfway between La Clusaz and le grand bo.

Hope my jumbled mess makes a bit of sense, lol.

Julia, I've heard good things about the Alpen Roc also.

Thanks Julia, I will have a look at the website. Hopefully I will be able to catch some end of season skiing, after our guests have gone.

Hi Julia, we have a Chambres D'Hotes in Murat le Quaire, so know all your recommendations well. But am looking for somewhere near Zoe! Thought it would be a nice change to try some ski fond in a different region. But thanks anyway!

Zoe, thanks for the update, we have snow on the Sancy, but the ski fond tracks need some snow, so may make a trip to your area after the new year. Can you recommend any places to stay?

Tandy, the biathlon was cancelled this morning, but we ARE getting a good constant fall of snow over the last few days.Hopefully it keeps up, and the "plateau du confins" will be good as ever for ski du fond.

Thanks for the information Zoe; I might take a trip there!

thank you Zoe will check them out -)

Elaine, if you like Crepes, try the Ptitgibus Café, it's in a nice area (the 5th), the owners are very nice two Breton brothers, and they do great menu deals.Their website seems to be under construction, but they're at 3 Rue du Pot de Fer, 75005. Every time we go to Paris, we try to eat there.

Tandy, there's good X country at La CLusaz/La Grand Bornand. We had the X country world cup last year, and have biathlon this year (if we get the snow by the 15th)

@ Celeste...There's a wee Christmas market in Saissac this coming Sunday!

The uk have had a snow warning today so perhaps it will become the ski centre of europe

I agree Richard, it is so full of character and I find the people so friendly. They have spent alot of money over the summer adding new lifts and snow canons; but I prefer the cross country skiing, much more relaxing!

If you are looking for a quieter, family friendly ski resort, then I would reccommend Le Mont Dore in the Massif du Sancy. I am looking forward to Father Christmas bringing me a set of Ski Fond Boots and Skis, so I can try out the miles and miles of cross country skiing. And it has just started to snow!!!!!

@ John Alcock... Agree. Have spent Christmas in Saissac ( La Montagne Noire ) for the past 8 yrs. Stunning Pyrenees clothed in a white blanket ... Canigou is majestic in the near distance , Revel's Christmas market , and Carcassonne's Christmas Fair, both are wonderful!

@ Elaine Brett....We usually go to Brasserie Flo ( St Denis ) after rugby internationals...You can Google it for meat free menus!

Stopping where we are, there will be just two Brit families left in the area all the rest will be going back to the uk, going home as one or two have said ?, France is now home to us this is where we stay, also having animals it is difficult for both of us to be away at the same time, as for snow we were snowed in for 4 days last year, twice, the scenery in the Montagne Noir is beautiful at any time of the year and having seen most of France over the last 40 years plus a bit of the war torn world I am quite content to sit by the fire at home

We have an ideal christmas every year as we have our own ski apartment in St. Jean D'Aulps near Morzine and believe a christmas without snow isn't christmas. Have often visited and skied to Chatel (Nick mentioned) but I would say Les Gets is a prettier resort, also in the Portes de Soleil. At the risk of being thrown out of the discussion as I'm veering towards advertising please visit my blog as there's more info on the ski apartment there but lots of (hopefully) entertaining bits and bobs about my love of France and things french.

For the first time in 7 years we're going to spend Christmas on our own, just the two of us, in our own beautiful little valley in the Manche. Christmas dinner in a little local restaurant, then curl up and watch television. --- Bliss!