Totally perdu

I wish I could live in a tent forever. I feel my heart is breaking from the stress of brexit and not understanding any of it.
Can someone tell me please. As I am permanently in the dark ref what happens…if they decide to deport me (as a German)… Can they make me sell my home? If I am allowed to keep my house, Can I live in it 6 months of any year, and 6 months no permission…or every other day, or two weeks in2 out, …??? …
How does it work…please???
…I must camp in spain and go home in permitted time?
I cannot buy a house in Germany, I paint pictures of france.I had a lawyer, she seems to have vanished completely. :fearful:

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If you have German Nationality , you are an EU Citizen and you are entitled to live in any EU country - or have I missed an important piece of information about you ???

I do not understand why you worry about being deported - unless you have broken the Law in some terrible way… (surely NOT).

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Yes, Stella, that is true for most countries in the EU…but some information from official sources contradicts that. There is a rule about income for every one, especially France. The point is, its no use being fit and living minimally, there are rules about it, that apparently WILL be applied…or will they?
I don’t know, I just can’t discover the truth of it.That’s why I got the
Lawyer. But she vanished.

Jeanette… how many years have you been living in France ???

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How can a lawyer vanish. Have they moved out off their office, stopped answering the phone or what

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It is holiday time… :thinking::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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Deja vu - Didn’t we have this conversation some months ago and the fact you hold German citizenship means that Brexit will pass you by without the slightest ruffle to your European feathers. For the life of me l don’t understand why you persist in seeking attention for an issue that is non existent. Many other people on here have real fears and genuine issues emanating from Brexit - perhaps you could offer them/us a little support instead of bemoaning your misplaced angst.

Why on earth would the French deport you and force you to sell your home - If you are truly a German citizen holding dual British nationality What is your problem.?

It seems to me that you need reassurance - Why not write to the French and German governments asking them to clarify your status - That way you will get a definitive answer instead of trawling through SurviveFrance with a net full of academic holes.


If you are German you have nothing to worry about. Having dual German/ British citizenship is not a problem, you stay in France as an EU person on the strength of being German, the non EU bit is irrelevant.


Je suis categorisé citoyen européen Britannique retraité et domicilié en France jusqu’au 31ème octobre mais après cela, quoi ?

If any Brit has been living legally here (ie been making tax declarations etc)there is nothing to fear from a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, no-one is going to be deported.


France has far bigger problems than a few elderly Brits with incomplete paperwork.

Anyone who has been here over 10 years and also holds dual nationality should be completely fine.


Stella, thank you…just writing some of it is better than nothing happening. .Lived in France since 95/96 Almost never went back to UK after I left. Sat all night in Portsmouths Macdonalds…no sailings on Christmas day…must have left UK on boxing day 1995…

We were communicating by phone and email. Pat, I told her all my info, she said she needed to go through the EU laws, so she disappeared, One reply to my email after that, then nothing. That was about a month ago.

I’ve got a German passport, that’s not a problem, not for anyone. I’m still wittering on about the same situation, since …as I said last time, at my first rendezvous for a permanent carted de sejour …they said make a new appointment, at at the next rendezvous, as a German.if they turn you down, you can go and live in Germany. (You can be deported to country of choice praps?)

Righto Jeanette

In the nicest possible way - you need to get a grip ! You do NOT have to apply for CdS. You are a German European !!! You have been here so long that you are “fireproof” - nothing can budge you so long as you don’t go out and rob a bank or similar.

Your “Lawyer” is probably busy with genuine problems and might well come back to you in the fullness of time to tell you exactly what we are telling you now. (only, she will possibly charge you for the info).



Jeanette, you are being ridiculous. You have German nationality so Brexi t is just not an issue for you. Why are you creating problems and worries for yourself that don’t exist? Forget about it and get on with your life.

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Not ridiculous. A fathomless sense of having no anchor is not something to be dismissed so lightly.

It is, perhaps, the price some individuals have to pay for a life of exquisite sensibility, a special gift that sometimes expresses itself through artistic genius, and not uncommonly through a reclusive life-style.

Best not to judge but better to just cheerfully acknowledge. No sympathy needed, just solidarity, I think. That rootless feeling is ‘in reality’ the taste of freedom from the universe of ‘things’ that so few of the rest of us are privileged to experience.


Even genius has to grasp reality, just a little, on occasions… :upside_down_face::hugs:

and I rather think this is one of those occasions. :thinking:

Jeanette risks making herself ill with the worry of it all - when, in reality, she has nothing to worry about.

Surely, it would be better for her if she finally throws off these groundless fears and settles back to enjoy the privileges which her lifestyle affords her.



Sorry Pete I don’t agree. Jeanette needs to get a grip. She has had the situation explained by several people and she needs to stop “making up” problems for herself.