Tottenham match today

One of the few positives about being back in the UK living with my Mum is that she has a full Sky package which means I can watch Premier League football (legally!!) for the first time in many many years.

Today it was Fulham v Tottenham and it was fantastic to see the last minute winner from Tottenham, what a treat…COME ON YOU SPURS!!


Tense stuff Mandy

It just goes to confirm the skeleton squad Mopo has to play with. With 'Arry and Son unavailable plus Mauro and now Deli struggling it’s going to be tough to maintain top-four.
I thought young 'Arry was good today.
Watching Liorente was painful, he has to be the worst ever striker to wear the famous shirt ? Surely we have some young home grown talent in the club ?

Young Harry Winks was fabulous today. We need some new blood but he’s already said we’re not likely to sign anyone this time. Maybe it’s time for some youngsters?!

Problem is the new WHL is costing a fortune and Daniel L doesn’t want to spend (what’s new ?) but obviously Mopo doesn’t trust the young strikers at the club.
Today I would have played Lamela at no.10, he works hard (like Kane) and I would have played Skipp in the middle with Deli pushed up.
It’s an easy game from the stands, isn’t it ?
Three points are three points at the end of the day…

Oh yes, easy from the sofa :wink:

Still in 3rd and 4 points ahead of Chelsea so we’re in a great position. In the Poch interview he said it looks like a hamstring for Dele so he could be out for a while.

The stats are interesting. We have already beaten our previous away win record for a season and it’s still only January. 11 wins so far away.

Just got to hope it all continues…

Sarri reckons my Chelsea team are hard to motivate…no change there :slightly_frowning_face:

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Higuain is his last throw of the dice.

Even a top four finish won’t be enough, he will be sacked.

He’s 31ish I think…not exactly the future. Your probably right, a resounding chorus of “who’s Sarri now” beckons.

“ Lads, it’s Tottenham"

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It’s ‘Spuds’ and Chelsea are ‘Chelski’.:grinning:

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My grandad was a Spurs fan…me too at the time

Don’t recognise any of the above names… last I remember is
P. Jennings was goalie & Perryman was midfield

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Two Spurs greats Bob.
I actually watched Stevie Perryman for the first time at Wembley in 1967 when he played for England v Scotland in a schoolboy international.

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My favourite player was David Ginola. He had magic in those feet… and the most incredible thighs!!!

Hoping to get to Wembley for a match before we move back to WHL.

Great player Mandy.

I don’t know how old you are but my two footy heros are Jimmy Greaves, now very poorly and Dave Mackay who passed away a couple of years back, who I was lucky enough to meet in the '70s.
So many top players, Hoddle, Gazza, Ginola, Ossie, Venables, Gilzean, Hughton etc etc

Not old enough to have watched Greaves or Dave Mackay although I know of them of course.

I started going to WHL in 1998, in fact my first match was April 1998 against Newcastle and we won 2-0 with goals from Klinsman - another great player - and Les Ferdinand. I didn’t even support the club then but the experience of the game was so fantastic that I was hooked.

Those were the days when it was possible to get 8 seats together in the North Stand and I went with a group from work. After that I became a member and I went regularly for the next few seasons until my friend decided to have babies (so selfish :wink:).

The most memorable was the Worthington Cup Final at old Wembley Stadium in 1999. The worst was losing at Old Trafford (a long way from Essex) in the FA Cup semi-final against Arsenal in 2001, Hoddle had just become the manager and it was so exciting to see him.

Good times and great atmosphere, even for the losses. I’ve missed it.

One of Spurs’ goalies was Fred Ditchburn, who after retirement, opened a sports shop in my home town of Romford…

Boring, but true.

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I think lots of ex pros opened sports shops or took over pubs.

I know Maurice Norman, another Spurs legend took over a pub near Norwich, he’s now 84 but probably no longer behind the bar !

Another Spurs fan here :grinning: I started going in the mid to late 70s and enjoyed the glory years of the early 80s with greats such as Ossie, Hoddle, Allen etc. In those days you could just stroll up and pay on the gate. Stopped going so regularly in the 90s with the arrival of my kids but still managed a few games each year. With the arrival of all seater stadium and the need to book tickets weeks in advance my attendance wained further. In the last 10 years ir so I was on the Season Ticket waiting list climbing to about 15,000th on the list when the move to Wembley was announced and as such an additiinal 20k or so season tickets become available. So I finally got one the same month that I made my perminant move to France !!! How’s that for timing :grinning: As a result I now share my ticket with two friends so get 6 home games each. Next up for me is the game against Woolwich in March.
Met a couple of fellow Spurs fans here in rural France so we watch the games together when its not my turn to actually attend, so not all bad. Think we will get through to the league Cup final despite the injury list but then its City in the final !

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Great post. :+1:

If ever the ticket is going spare I would love to use it, for a fee of course.

Finger’s crossed for tonight. :soccer:

Well done Keith, welcome to the nut house.

‘Glory years’ ??? well I suppose the early 80s were glorious but I can recall more ‘downs’ than ‘ups’ since the early 60s !

Ironically my dad and eldest brother were/are Gooners so it’s great to gloat with Mopo in charge !

An ex footballer moved to France and he played regularly aainst purs in the early 60s, he has some brilliant stories to tell about how he, a fullback had to mark Greavesie !