Tottenham match today

(Ronald Fox) #21

I can go back even further! I remember watching Spurs v Wolves - Derek Dougan and the late Alan Gilzean, a very fine header of the ball. I have a vague recollection that Wolves had a player who was a Jehovah’s Witness. Anybody help out?

(Peter Bird) #22

Yes of course Ronald, it was Peter Knowles, the brother of (nice one) Cyril fame. It caused quite a stir if I recall,

(Mark Robbins) #23

And the mighty Eagles are soaring :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

(Peter Bird) #24

Yep, good win for CP.

Just underlines the small squad problems at WHL. Good to see the kids coming in, Sterling could be the next 'Arry Kane.

Consolation that the gooners were stuffed too !

(Ronald Fox) #25

It was Peter Knowles. Funny you should say Cyril was the nicer one. I have an image in my head of Knowles being spoken to by the ref and he (Knowles) towered over him and closed down his personal space considerably. Spurs are crumbling I think, they have a very thin squad.

(Peter Bird) #26

Sorry Ronald, I didn’t explain : ‘Nice One Cyril’ was a football song about Cyril Knowles in the early '70s

That was the tallest back four i’ve ever seen, Knowles, Kinnear,England and Beal were giants.
Spurs aren’t crumbling IMO but their thin quad is struggling with injuries to the big players. I still reckon they have enough to stay in the top four

(Mark Robbins) #27

With a resurgent man u, there’s now 4 teams vying for 3rd and 4th. I think either spurs or the gooners might miss out.

(Peter Bird) #28

Quite agree Mark, it’s now a four horse race for the third and fourth places, I reckon Chelsea may lose out tho’ the gooners look unpredictable. It will be an interesting run-in I feel.

(Ronald Fox) #29

Well, the magic touch of Solskjaer nearly ran out last night. Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal, Utd.
Who will blink first?

(anon43931645) #30

will you be there for the final ?

(Peter Bird) #31

Big game again this evening, Son and Eriksson may play which could make the difference. A must win game yet again…

(Peter Bird) #32

Two good home wins against Watford and Newcastle,not pretty but fair results all he same. The boys doing well without their two biggest players. Come on you Spurs.

Well done Norwich City too, top f the league - superb performance against a good Leeds side.

(Mandy Davies) #33

Bizarrely, I’m hoping for an Arsenal win today to keep us in 2nd place.

Come on you Gunners!!! :nauseated_face::scream:

(Peter Bird) #34

I know the feeling Mandy !

Problem is the gooners are getting their feet under the table in the top-four so a defeat for them would help our top-four ambitions but I know what you mean.

It just hurts me to see them winning a game !

(Peter Bird) #35

I should explain Mandy, re-Norwich.

I was brought up near Norwich and first watched The Canaries in 1965 (City v Pymouth Argyll if I recall) so loads of respect for the club.

Norwich and Plymouth, as it happens the only two teams whose first team strips were green at the time. (I think)

(Mandy Davies) #36

I’ve always followed the local league team to wherever I was living.

I was living in Stevenage when they had that amazing cup run and drew with Newcastle at home (losing the replay). Must be 20 years ago. That cup run paid for new stands at the ground.

(Peter Bird) #37

Stevenage famous for having two ex Spurs as manager, Peter Taylor and Teddy Sheringham.
Didn’t the old Stevenage (Borough) have Derek Dougan either playing or managing ?

(Mandy Davies) #38

Don’t know about that, way before my time!!

(Peter Bird) #39

It was actually Kettering Town (1975-77), not Stevenage.

The old memory let me down !

Good game at The Etihad so far.

(Mandy Davies) #40

Just switched it on for the second half. See you later!!