Tous Covid versus NHS app

We are coming to France in early May and I am wondering if it is still necessary to download your Covid Vaccinationa QR code onto the Tous Covid app - or if you can just flash your QR code direct from the NHS app - does anyone know?
If you still need to download onto Tous Covid, can anyone remind me how ? Have not been in France since last October!
Many thanks

The vaccin pass is no longer necessary, but the pass samitaire is needed is you plan on doing any of the following. And you could just print out you pass/code.

Excepté aux urgences des hôpitaux et des cliniques ou pour effectuer un test de dépistage, le passe sanitaire est exigé pour l’accès aux lieux de santé :

  • hĂ´pitaux, cliniques, Ă©tablissements mĂ©dico-sociaux ;
  • maisons de retraites, Ehpads ;
  • Ă©tablissements accueillant des personnes en situation de handicap.
  • lors du passage des frontières dans le cadre de voyages de/vers la France.
  • dans certains territoires d’Outre-mer, oĂą le passe sanitaire ou vaccinal a Ă©tĂ© prolongĂ©.
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Interestingly the last two hospital visits I’ve made in the last few weeks (routine check ups at two different places) nobody asked to see anything.

Possibly, due to the fact that covid is stalking our village… last Wednesday’s council meeting was in the SdFête and open to the public, but the Notice clearly stated that masks/gel to be used and pass sanitaire (or is it vaccinal?) must be produced.
As usual, there was no real stampede to attend…

Another useful link here via the chunnel:

I scanned our vaccination certs in Touscovid last night, but it seems that won’t be needed. I also looks like the attestation that was previously required has now disappeared for vaccinated individuals (unless my post-covid eyes can’t see for looking).

Super thanks a lot. I have just also heard from someone who travelled last week that you can indeed just use the NHS app or downloaded copies of the QR code and no need for tous anticovid app unless you are going to a medical centre or hospital.

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Same here. Both myself and OH not asked for passe sanitaire for hospital visits recently.

With regard to Passe Sanitaire… in France.
In certain situations, it is still a requirement to have one (even if one is not asked to produce it).

I have our paper copies in the bottom of my “bag of a thousand things”… along with gel and masks… just in case.

Aha… thanks for the confirmation…

Back in the UK I sat on the parish council and there was never a stampede to attend meetings :rofl::rofl:

attended hospital on 07.04. - and today 21.04 in Angouleme- both times needed to show pass sanitaire.