Train tickets

I have booked train tickets to Lille, with sncf connect, but unable to get the tickets without creating an account. Created an account, but the activation link in email is just showing me this
Unauthorized url: SNCF Connect, for application: ccl
Any help, please?
Just had a brainwave and found the details on Ouigo, but Vos billets seront téléchargeables le 06/10/2022
which is only a few days before we leave, is this normal?

what I see (in English)

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Odd that you can’t download them instantly. I’ve never had that happen. If you are going past a train station with a ticket office take the reference number and go an ask them?

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@graham it does seem strange as I booked through SNCF :thinking:
@JaneJones we have never had this problem before, but maybe because I was diverted to Ouigo? I wish they would stop changing/having off shoots of the trains, gawd!!
I will go and ask at our local station, when I book train to Bordeaux.
I just like to get the t’s crossed and the i’s dotted, sooner than four days in advance!
Thank you both.

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On the subject of train tickets, I believe today is the last day if you want to take advantage of SNCF’s half price offer on its Carte Avantage

I had the same problem when I bought an SNCF pass a few months early.

They changed the rules within the past 2 years or so, so that you could not buy tickets ahead with the discount for having the card, even if you knew you would be buying a card that would be valid at the time you travelled. Previously it did not matter when you bought the ticket, so long as you had the relevant pass with you when you travelled on the ticket and it waa valid on the travel date.

This removal of ability to plan, by SNCF was one of the key reasons I stopped maintaining continuous passes - ironically! and no longer consider the train first in all journeys.

So Ì imagine SNCF is potentially trying to remove something you might gain, if they are making you wait till 3 days before. Though when I did travel on SNCF a lot, occasionally a ticket would not be available for download immediately but after a day or two, it was

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Thank you very much @Sandcastle . I’ve just had a go at renewing mine and it asks not only for the old card number but also for my “numero de fidelite” - do you know what that is?

It appears that ticket offices are a thing of the past. According to their website there is a boutique/sales office at Perigueux station. Websites in France are really bad in keeping updated, so not holding my breath!

No I am sorry I cannot help.
We have not been in the habit of travelling by train and have not had these cards before but we were tempted by this offer and having looked into the services, we plan to make use of SNCF more in the future. We had no cards to renew and we did not enter a numéro de fidelité, we simply bought cards as new customers.

That’s your free card number - Voyager maybe - the sort of pointless loyalty card

Fidelité: it"s usually the number you will see on your membership when you sign up to SNCF was SNCF then Oui, now SNCF Connect (might be good to download the app)

Different from your rail pass number

Thanks very much for your help @Sandcastle , @chrisell and @KarenLot

I tried ignoring the fidelity number and then it said it didn’t recognise the old pass number, so I did what Sandcastle did and went for a new one and it worked!

Given the gift I have for impeccable timing, I bought the last one two days before confinement was announced and only used it once for a very short local trip. I’m hoping to at least get my money’s worth on this one - 25 euros instead of 50 is a great offer!

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This seems to be what Ouigo does now as it happened to me when I used them not so long ago. You can have the ticket as a simple PDF file on your phone and that will suffice. Unlikely that the Bordeaux SNCF office will be able to help with Ouigo as it’s online only I believe

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As long as I can do this, without any hassle :pray:

Here, the machines inside the main railway station can be used to print physical tickets for Ouigo, or at least you could last year.

Hi Lily
Im in 03 Allier and will be travelling across to Haute-Savoie. I bought my 1st C.A.S with the offer and then one way train travel today via sncf connect app. My tickets are the QR code version (I have 3 for my journey) to use on my mobile or print. I have printed C.A.S card just in case.
At the bottom of screen view, touch tickets icon. This should then give you next screen view to then use See your ticket & See details tabs (1st are QR coded tkts the other your route detail)

With purchase made before account set up i would imagine its attached to guest log. Check for an email in spam if not in your main file, i would think there is a link in that. Hope this helps🚉

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For train tickets in-app one trick I try to remember (but often forget) is to screenshot or do a print to .pdf of the ticket/QR code in the app. Then keep in files on phone.

This is because from our station there’s a patchy signal on the train for 3 minutes and then nothing for about 20 minutes. S*d’s law the conductor always appears to check tickets when there’s no signal on the phone.

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Thanks Caz, unfortunately the only option the app gave me is the same 4days prior to departure, no QR codes in sight!
I shall be doing this ASAP. All my Eurostar tickets printed and on the phone.

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Tickets arrived today, but we are now unable to travel.
Happy to give them to give them away, but may incur admin costs, name change etc?

Bordeaux-Lille 10/10/22 Depart Bod 16.58 -Arrive Lille Flandres 22.05

Oh, what a shame Lily…

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