Translation please

Google traduire is getting worse.
Would someone tell me what a standard light is in french please?
I need to describe it to someone.
thanks Patricia

Lampe sur pedestal I think.

le lampadaire… is a floor standing lamp. ./ standard lamp to us English…

Yes, lampadaire or lampe sur pied.

Lampadaire is what I call a street lamp…I guess could well have be reused as a term for standard lamp now.

éclairage publique… street light…

Thank you very much Lampadaire it is. Pat

lampadaire: and I was the first person to suggest this word… so please can I gain the Brownie Points… :relaxed:

"Dispositif d’éclairage d’appartement ou de la voie publique, à une ou plusieurs lampes, aujourd’hui électriques, montées sur un support élevé. "

It would be useful to know exactly what Barry Carleton is looking for…

Standard lamp… as in a living room

Lampstandard… as in street light…

Lampadaire is correct for either…

Street lighting is éclairage publique…



With this sort of thing I browse one of the big DIY websites - say Castorama, then have a look at what phrase is attached to which picture.

Or, google what I want in the UK - look up the make and model number of a suitable bit of kit and then search for that on the French sites, then backtrack to the text description.


For translations we have been using Deepl recently rather than Google Translate. Deepl link

To be fair however I don’t know if it would have been able to translate Standard Lamp.

For a street light we will use “Réverbère” a lot. Then again, maybe depends where you live in France !

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My most recent search has been for a butane gaz heater…freestanding for my kitchen…my home is all electric but I don’t really like the installed electric heaters…I’ve got two paraffin heaters which are absolutely brilliant and for this winter I’d also like to have a gaz heater for my kitchen…I started out on eBay…then browsed Leroy merlin and various others…I can get the same model cheaper from Germany…I’ve not ordered yet…I’d prefer to buy from my local bricolage but they only seem to have the paraffin heaters so far despite selling the gas cylinders in abundance…

I ordered a low value item off eBay a month ago where the seller was using “mondialrelay”…I cant for the life of me work out where my item is…I had an email in my spam folder to say it was being sent back to the vendor unless I picked it up in the next 7 days…then a reminder saying the same…I put the unrecognisable by my sat nav address and post code into my sat nav and spent a fruitless few days driving all over the place and getting really pissed off with my sat nav…

I sent an email in French asking WHERE exactly is my order…??? I had a reply a few days later but still can’t work out where I need to go to pick it up…,give me la poste any day of the week…,

In the same time frame I have also ordered from uk…I can track my parcel…I know exactly where it is and the day it’s out for delivery by la poste…

(No offence to France but I love wicked dragon in uk…x :slight_smile:)

Éclairage publique is street lighting in general, and lampadaire is a single street lamp. Well that’s what I was taught by my good (french) friend who is a language teacher… but the meaning of words evolves and changes so things do move on.

So, nobody heard about the réverbère ?éverbère.html

Can someone tell me what a standard light is in English please…??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

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You are quite right Babeth… there are several words which are used for the same things… we all choose which one to use… often depending where we live…

Larousse gives this definition…
Dispositif réflecteur qui, associé à une lampe, permettait de diriger la lumière dans une direction donnée.
Lanterne de verre, qui contient une lampe munie d’un ou plusieurs réflecteurs et qui sert à éclairer les rues.

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@barryandpat LAROUSSE.FR is an excellent on-line tool :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:


Jane… that is what I said… :thinking::relaxed:

It’s funny how our brains work, after reading the post I searched for standard lamp on
I mus5 also disagree with the idea that a Google translate is getting worse, it is far more refined and useable than it was in the last.

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Ha ha… David… I think we are all suffering with a touch of Friday Night Fever…:relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

I was feeling quite down, until I got into this thread… :zipper_mouth_face::roll_eyes::relaxed::relaxed:

Why didn’t you search for “standard light”… that is what Barry was seeking…