Travel insurance for British living in France?

Help please....we are English living in France travelling on holiday to America and are looking for travel insurance. Does anyone have any recommendations please? Thank you. excellent and very cheap. £113 a year for worldwide including USA for us.

Most French insurance companies will do a worldwide policy for you at a very reasonable price. I have an Allianz policy ()Mondial Assistance) which covers us both for unlimited trips anywhere in the world, for less than 600euros annually. Interestingly, French companies aren't allowed to ask about your medical history for this, it's a general risk based on age, whereas when I enquired about a travel policy in the UK we had a million questions to answer even though we're both in good health and the quote for a 31-day policy worked out the same as for the annual policy I have in France. So I'd recommend Allianz.

Try europesure especially for expats!

Staysure worked fine for us.

It was Staysure who asked us a thousand questions and quoted very high, and that was just for one trip.

First step is to go to CPAM and pick up their leaflet on foreign travel health cover. Not a lot of people know that CPAM covers you for a lot of things whilst on holiday abroad. Second step is to check whether your bank gives travel cover with a gold card. Credit Agricole does and a gold card costs €80 which is much cheaper than an insurance company and covers you for most things including car hire waiver insurance. If you really need additional cover then try an insurance company - there are specialist companies on the web - but make sure repatriation is to Europe and not just UK. Hope that helps.

I use Globelink for international cover including USA. They came out the least expensive at £117 for a year, including my partner. No questions asked and a wide range of pre-existing conditions covered within the policy. They are UK based and very helpful on the phone.

Just be sure of what is covered with your policy, especially if you have any intention of actually doing anything while away. I have had numerous issues with insurance companies, Mondial Assist, Staysure included. They will always sound great... until you have an issue. I have been told prior to a dive trip that "diving is not covered", been told after having my camera stolen from a LOCKED bedrrom in a pretty good hotel that "the camera was not on your person at the time of theft, and so is NOT covered. Also, my bags were delayed on a flight to Vanuatu, They took three days to arrive and all the insurance company could tell me was "we can get you in touch with your nearest consulate if you wish, when it was clearly stated on the policy that they would cover the price of basic toiletries, mosquito repellant and a change of clothes in the event of baggage loss or delay. No joy.
The last straw was having my wallet stolen in New Zealand, only to be told "Sorry, but there is nothing we can do for you".... It was also stated on the policy that they would grant me a sum of money that I would repay them on return home in the case of the loss of a credit card or cash. The best they could do was "connect you with a parent, or friend that could help".
I took insurane so as not to have to call my mother from across the globe and beg her to wire me money that she more than likely does not have.
OH also was with Allianz, and once had her wallet stolen in Dubai, and allianz told her "We are not going to just release money so that you can holiday" That's not what she was asking for, but ... whatever.
be VERY sure of what's covered.

Gold Card cover ceases at age 70, I only tried to use it once and the cost of phone calls from N Cyprus to UK was more than the cost of basics to cover me until my luggage was returned!

We went with Staysure although I had an additional premium to pay given historic back problems. I gave up on French policies - we get travel insurance via our French Mastercards but the non-medical cover only applies when you pay for the holiday with the card (each leg/hotel so it gets messy) but if you try to get a simple French policy you have to certify that you have no other equivalent cover.

Lloyds goes on to age 75 and credit Agricole to 80.

Now that I have turned 70 (John), it is very difficult to find a travel insurance that will take me onboard, just a few will but for a limited time only, usually for less than 3 months, and very expensive (when we go for house sits and visit family in Australia, we go for at least six months and up to twelve), plus they require the full duration of the stay to be paid upfront and tell you to pay your bills and ask for a refund once you are back (after 12 months?), if you return earlier than expected, you lost the time you have not used, and if you subscribe for 3 months only, you cannot extend while abroad.

Before being 70, we used a company called AVI:, we could subcribe for a month before leaving and extend month after month online while overseas. The premiums were very reasonable, and we could send the bills back whenever we liked and they would refund direct to our bank account in France within 24 hours after they have received them. It was also very easy to contact someone at their help phone or email.

Does they Lloyds cover apply to those permanently resident outside the UK?

We still have accounts/credit cards with Lloyds (not Lloyds International) and most of their account & Gold extras don't apply.

These are normally framed so that non-UK residents are not covered. My RBS insurance requires the trip to originate in the UK; one could add a few days either side of the "main" trip I suppose but I would not count on that being acceptable to the Claims people! One can ask though...

Yes, we have used them for India and China

Rather of topic, but because of the exclusions for non-UK residents we were able to get our PPI premiums back very easily. A couple of letters and no fees to some opportunistic third-party.

So that's another reason to kick Natwest into the long grass, I have just lost mine

First thing to do is to check what cover is available if you buy your tickets with your credit or bank card. My french bank offers worldwide travel insurance up to 90 days as a 'perk' of using the card to buy the tickets.