"Travellers" what are their rights?

Before I go off on one about the Dale Farm evictions, I thought I would ask if anyone knows what differences there are between “travellers” & fixed home people?

It seems odd for travellers not to travel for 10 years but still maintain that status. I feel a rant coming on!

Paid? I didn't get paid! Where do you live? we could do with a better landlord. we don't smoke weed any more tho, it's bad for your mental health.



I notice that there is no name to the article on "News Biscuit" and the gent from Basildon council looks to be standing at the door of a very nice Victorian house. Who writes this stuff and more to the point, who believes it?

I might be going a bit off subject but I feel I have to add to this thread. I have a house rented out on bail here to a local French family, outwardly respectable or so I thought. They had occupied my house for just over a year and during this period racked up outstanding rent of 1,800€, in fact for most of their tenancy, I only received the part paid by the CAF and after several attemps to resolve the situation amicably and various broken agreements and excuses on their part, I reluctantly deposited a dossier with the huissier who gave them two months to pay up or make an arangement to pay off the debt in instalments. Last Saturday, I received my keys through the post, no notice to quit, they simply did a moonlighter. So by leaving, my problems are solved, I can sell the house or re-let. No my problems are just starting. Hubby and I went to the house and are now faced with a bill for cleaning, we estimate a grand as the house will need to be proffessionally cleaned and fumigated, it is that bad, not to mention the wilfull damages, total re-decoration and repairs aand rubbish removal, not to mention the garden which also needs a complete makeover. Lucky, it's only 152m². All the carpets covered in faeces, walls smeared, toilets blocked deliberately, I could write a book.

My point of posting on this thread? The travelling community don't live like this, they are clean in their own homes, spotlessly so in fact as their women do nothing else and take a pride in polishing and scrubbing. This has been my experience of those I know and if I were re-letting my house, one of these families would be more than welcome. As it is, I'm not as I leave France on Wednesday, my house is going up for sale as soon as it has been brought up to a good enough standard to do so and if I am asked for a lasting memory of my time here, this one will be top of the list, not a very happy departure after 14 years.

Yes thank-you James and for the balanced comments you have added to this discussion, I was on the verge of leaving the network and was just looking how to 'de-join', reading your comment and finding the 'stop following' button has stopped me doing so. I think you have been very brave certainly a lot braver than me in challenging some of the nonsensical rubbish written on here.

Brilliant James - thank you!!

CM13 is Ramsden Heath not Crays Hill… Crays Hill is CM11

How does 4 houses being sold in 11 years represent 21.1% and where did 2077 homes sold come from?? Crays Hill is a village on the main road from Billericay to Wickford it has roughly 6 roads leading of the main road, most of the houses are detached.. perhaps I am thick but cannot understand your figures...

Well I dont know where you got that from?? I have just put the postcode for Oak Road which is the road leading to Dale Farm as you cannot enter Crays Hill and there have been just 4 house sales since 2000…not sure what you entered!!! Actually there isnt even 2077 houses in Crays Hill, but you would know that wouldn’t you!!!

Well you can check by Up My Street how many houses have been sold that are close to DF..but I don't spose you will and you still never told me how I was getting personal...think we must agree to disagree on this one, end of!!!!

They were not fighting a dispute they were appealing against the outcome of the planning issue…

Also the issue is that they said they had nowhere to go!!!

How on earth was I getting personal??? I never said anything about all locals, and why cant you accept that I as a tax paying house owner of Wickford (not visitor) am also telling the truth!!

No, but I have good contacts there who have the inside thread on what is happening, both on Dale Farm and travellers sites throughout Cambridgershire.

I have been to busy today to see the tv, so am not up to date with the latest moves.

We used to have proper Romanies who came to our farm for harvest, they were real travellers with horse-drawn vardos and caused no trouble at all.

I still think they should be re-named, we moved house three times in ten years"

Hi Jane, do you come from Cambridge??? Have you had any dealings with the travellers there??? According to twitter there is still trouble going on at DF…now some of the more vociferous travellers have moved to the legal side and have put more than 1 caravan on each plot and are inviting the activists to return to DF…not sure how true this is?? No matter what James says Crays Hill will breathe a sigh of relief when this is over and as for poor Tony Balls he looks absolutley drained and ready to drop, poor man. The activists on twitter were giving out his home address in Wickford and asking people to gather there, how frightening is that. I said I would report them!!!

I am reliably informed that you can add distraction burglary to your list.!

ps i’ve moved my reply to the new ‘begging’ thread as requested by Management!

I think Catharine has got it right!. My opinion of travellers is based on personal experience. How many SFN members were visited by agressive tarmac layers, who, for a large amount of money, would "tarmac your drive", only for them to dump some low grade crud in a corner, roll it flattish & leave you a lot poorer & with an unsightly looking drive, all in under an hour. Should you comment that this was not what was promised, the tone becomes very threatening. The "lucky heather" scam is another, where I was almost dragged to a cash point. Just say no? I would not risk it! On TV police chase shows, a car chase ended up on a travellers site but the police could not follow for fear of their safety! Copper theft in my old area in the UK is up, but again the police cannot investigate because travellers sites are a no go area due to open hostility! I'm meant to accept this? You must be out of your tiny, mis informed mind! In fact, every contact with a traveller has left a nasty memory. If there are good ones they must be hiding. So don't you dare call me a bigot because I am not as enlightened as others profane to be. I also do not put my hands in fires, either. I'm just not that dumb.

Oh, I'm sure there are some very nice mass murderes & kiddy porn peddlars, too, but I would still have them severely punished!