Trump Trumps Trump

The USA is fast becoming a rogue state under Trump.

Some people don’t et to vote once!

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This is another new low for this disgusting human being.

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I think the only way to understand Trump is to see him as a small boy. He feels bad about avoiding the draft to Vietnam, and probably the fears that lay behind his actions - but hides this by thinking of himself as clever to get out of it - he is a winner, those who went to fight are losers.

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I think he genuinely believes he is very clever and no end of a fine fellow to get out of going to Vietnam, I don’t think he feels bad about any part of his own behaviour, narcissistic lardy windbag sociopath that he is. Ugh.


I agree with you Vero. He doesn’t have the capacity to feel bad about anything.
Izzy x

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Interesting side-light here on how more college-educated people might be affecting the views of the non-college-educated - Sadel relates it to the decline of centrism, especially working-class disillusion with the Democrats in America, and the rise of ‘populism’ that this implies…

Yes, very interesting and thought provoking - thank you.


The only way to understand Trump is to see what he stands for.
I really couldn’t give a damn about his psychological foibles, it is what he is doing to the USA and the World that counts.
He is a role model for those like him who are all mouth and have nothing valuable to say.
Guess of whom I am thinking?

all mouth and no trousers @Jane_Williamson perhaps?


Trump’s plan “B”?

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What is really funny is that a long time ago I used to work with this guy. He’s done very well for himself as an impressionist. Very clever guy.

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Trump on Covid…

“It would go away without the vaccine, George,” he told journalist George Stephanopoulos. “With time it goes away and you’ll develop like a herd mentality. It’s gonna be herd developed, that’s gonna happen.”

The British have their homemade Trump called BOJO! There will be no second lock down and what is happening now in the North---- LOCK DOWN!

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Not quite true that he’s never said anything intended to be amusing…

it is hard to match Michelle Obama and most people have a rather short memory! So perhaps you can get away with it!

Goodness gracious, Graham. A man of your learning and maturity, and with your undoubted sense of balance and élan; and yet with a not-so-robust medical dossier should not be pirouetting round on skates at all, even less so at a time of the year when the ice may not be thick enough to bear your weight… :thinking::pray: