Trump's cognitive powers

Not sure whether to be pleased or alarmed that I have (apparently) the same cognitive powers as (you know who) :roll_eyes:

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Quite a good explanation of how cognitive testing works. The BBC “test” is not much like the full MoCA test by the way.

Paul… my 9 year-old grandson just passed the test… I’m relieved to know he hasn’t any mental impairment… :heart_eyes:

Thankfully, apart from passing this test…neither I nor my grandson seem to resemble (you know who) :grinning:

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It’s not designed t be “hard” - it’s not an intelligence test for instance - but to spot the early (and sometimes later) signs of cognitive decline such as occurs in dementia.

Like all such tests it is quite poor at spotting the really subtle, really early signs.

Is there really no other test they can give someone… ???

Or is this test the first of many… that will dig deeper into what is going on inside…

I think he gets an annual physical - it sounds fairly comprehensive from the report kicking around the 'net

I am wondering if we have already seen some of the “really subtle, really early signs” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I got 0 out of 5, but hey I voted for him

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did anyone ever do the brexit bus?

Once or twice. :slight_smile: I gave up when my son did it in 33 seconds which I could not match however hard I tried.

hahaha my kid did it like that too. took me a few more tries and only managed it oe when i tried to redo it i failed

thanks had not seen it on there. thought it apt on this post too for trump, should get a trump hair game going
or is there one of those too @Aquitaine

It may be used to spot early onset dementia, but it fails spectacularly in showing whether you have the intelligence and application to understand all the ramifications of international politics and their unintended consequences.


The problem with Trump is not lack of intelligence - though by all accounts he lacks depth. The problem is the sheer arrogance of the man.

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I reckon this could explain Trump… Adolescence may well last a lot longer, especially for Politicians

Trump’s “infantalism” sounds more like the result of lack of emotional maturity and selfishness borne of years of being in a powerful position where he is surrounded by staff to do his every bidding.

On the more general point of the article it isn’t unreasonable to say that adolescence finally ends in one’s mid twenties - we know that for most people brain development goes on until 23-25 (which means I’m firmly on the downhill slope :frowning: )

It has been suggested that Trump has narcissistic personality disorder - he is certainly unpleasant but whether he is actually mentally ill is a harder question to answer. I suspect that he is not, in fact, psychiatrically ill but is “merely” egotistical, bullying and extremely lacking in empathy.


spot on

he did not really have to take this test? Kids in primary school would at least not believe that their president would have to take such an easy test.

What Powers??? :rofl::rofl::rofl: