UK Imports (goods)


I bought goods from a UKA company in February 2021. The value was £66. They were shipped to me in France. The courier, FedEx, has now sent me a bill for Administration fees (€15) and TVA (€16).

My understanding of the French system is that I must first pay these before I can contest them (f I have ang grounds). Does anyone have a view? Thanks

There’s already a thread on this here and probably other references too

Thanks Graham, I’ll look at it.

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Not sure what grounds there would be to contest as rules were clear by then?

Life’s too short…I would just chalk it up to experience!

Thanks Jane, it will probably end in tears so I’ll go and sit in the corner now.

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I thought for value up to 135 euros the UK VAT would be charged and that would be all.

Unless the item is of a nature attracting duty such as alcohol etc.

I know the major courier companies seem to be charging destination VAT additionally…which also means they add their own handling fees on top of £10-£15. Even if they are wrong. They do hold your package hostage though. Personally I think I’d stand up to them if I was sure UK VAT had been paid and it wasn’t dutiable.

For £31? I know there’s a principle at stake, but the amount of time and stress needed may well not be worth it. Pay the bill, send one letter to seek compensation and forget about it. If you get a response great, if you don’t you’ve forgotten about it anyway.

Looking at the UK invoice the supplier did not charge me VAT (something I have never checked before). So I am happy to pay TVA. Unfortunately FedEx can claim they did something …

Very annoying , a bit like Boris.

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