UK voting for 15year plus leavers?

Both my son and his partner are teachers and were not off school long. The Collège went back roughly the same time as the Primaire here and the crêche for my grandson did not close for long either. My son still had to go into work but when the pupils were kept away, he caught up and got on with his planning and work to come and also re-arranged his classroom as did his colleagues, most of whom could not afford to take time off. I know DIL had to re-arrange her desks to be further apart and at the collège they alternated some lessons too but all in all, the kids wore their masks all the time and not many were taken ill. I believe UK classes have more pupils in them, here if too many and they can get another teacher, they open a new class.

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Don’t you visit the UK regularly? And are a frontalier? So you have the right to go to a UK dentist. Not that they are that much easier to find in the UK, but maybe a possibility.

After our local (previously v good) dentist drilled through OH’s tongue, and the other one is not taking new patients, we are seriously contemplating this. Or finding one in Paris.

I’ve been thinking about that as a possibiliy if it gets really acute but not having transport can mainly only do locally.

i have friends who seem to have recurring appointments prebooked at the hospital in Cahors so I might ask if i can tag along with them one day to see if there’s a dental dept there - though most of what I need needs to be part of a treatment plan.

I am sure Toulouse has such a facility in their hospital complex but that’s much further away and would involve an overnight.

But this “completes :rofl: the dental service in the Lot” by being reserved for v old, v young and disabled. Made me laugh. Where’s the rest of the service?

Yes I have considered this. But I have not visited the UK for well over 2 and a half years, transport is not easy and the costs particularly of accommodation there are out of control. My dentist would have me back for sure as a good very longstanding patient but multiple visits would be needed.

Plus as you’ve said there are less and less reasons to visit the UK as time goes on.

… Continues to astonish me how quickly and how far away from the original point these forums can go. Albeit here the original question was not phrased well (although the first reply did get the question right). So now we have had 20+ responses wittering on about dentistry…

Thats the beauty of questions, they can morph quickly into other topics but there is nothing to stop people from going back to the original topic and posting more.

Figeac - though thankfully not on the market…

This is from the House of Commons Library pages.

‘Votes for life’

"The Elections Act 2022 received Royal Assent on 28 April 2022. It includes provisions to removing the 15-year rule.

Manifesto commitments have been included in each Conservative Party manifesto since 2015 to remove the 15-year limit on overseas voter registration. This is the so-called ‘votes for life’ policy. The Labour Party favoured maintaining the 15-year limit.

The Government proposals would also allow all British citizens who had previously been resident in the UK to register, not just those who were registered before they left. Other changes are designed to make the renewal process easier for overseas voters.

These changes will not take effect immediately.

Detailed secondary legislation is required to implement many aspects of the new provisions. It is expected this will be brought forward in 2023 with newly eligible overseas voters eligible to vote in 2024."

I would very much like to have my vote back!

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They were right, dramatically, professionally and personally :joy:.

I do remember the beginning of Coronation Street. I remember Mum ironing and us both watching Ena Sharples and Mini Caldwell being evacuated to the parish hall due to a gas explosion. Ena said it was just like in the war. Exciting stuff at seven years of age :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Your post made me check if there’d ever been a mine in Salford, which seemed unlikely, but I was wrong - Pendleton Colliery in the 1820s - no doubt your life feels more fulfilled having learnt that.

However, I’m sure you and your fellow Media Studies cohort would have enjoyed the evening of augmented reality that I experienced in mid 1970s Manchester when the entire cast of Coronation St suddenly appeared en masse in Tommy Ducks, a real, rather louche Mancunian back street boozer (close to the old Granada TV studios)

I wrote to the MP who represents my old constituency, and as usual he wasn’t interested in us. But his assistant said that the LibDems will vote against is because it is coupled with the ID thing for voters. I don’t understand that as that part was applied in the latest local and by elections. So it’s anyone’s guess as to whether we get the right to vote. Suspect not as there are so many of us brits living abroad who total more than 1 constituency and therefore dangerous for all parties!