Untested 5G to be used on Glastonbury attendees

5G (not to be mistaken as being simply the next generation from 4G !) is an untested weapons grade technology which is being rolled out at lightning speed in many countries. It is very dangerous and its primary use is not for speeding up communications, nor for preparing the way for driverless cars, although these are some of the examples they are citing. Ask yourself, why would they be introducing a technology that is so inneficient that it requires antennas to be sited on every single lamp post in the street - and tens of thousands of trees to be cut down as they have been in cities such as Sunderland and Sheffield. This technology is evil beyond belief and they require it, along with so called ‘smart’ meters in the home to watch and ultimately control everything we do.
Sounds unbelievable to most of you, I know - but as I always say, don’t believe me - do the research yourself. Its time to awaken from the slumber - before it is too late.
Finally, 5G is to be used on the attendees at Glastonbury in June and I ask you to please consider signing this petition:

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I was at Glastonbury in '85…
Frankly, 5G would have had less of an effect than the Abbot Ale I’d brought with me & consumed the first day.


Get real Geoff.

It’s some radio signals, same as all the other mobile technologies.


I think the Glastonbury attendees are more at risk from measles, if they haven’t been vaccinated ,than they are from a few radio signals

I’m sure I’ve read that 5G can actually cause measles…


I love a conspiracy theory… I’d be interested to hear Geoff’s views on who killed Diana, who was responsible for 9/11 and if the moon landings were faked…


Have you watched Capricorn One?

No I haven’t. Will check it out.

It’s old now but it makes you think how things could be faked

It’s on youtube. Great!

kind of well thought out responses to be expected really.
I don’t mind though, even if my submission gets just one person to actually look a little further than the 9 0-Clock news view of things my efforts will not have been in vain.
regards to all

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well Nellie, I must concede that one, 5G just may give you a slightly shorter downloading time for your sci-fi movies, and let’s be honest to hell with the health of our children & grandchildren, what we really need is to get movies in 30 seconds instead of a couple of minutes.
Let’s experiment on the kids at Glastonbury and if they don’t all fall down, get on with the 5G rollout. Trialing done. Technology is safe.

Woah there please stop putting words into my mouth

Perhaps, Geoff you’d like to give us a detailed breakdown of the mechanisms by which 5G might do harm and the solid, scientific, evidence to suggest that this is the case - with particular reference to frequency spectrum and power density?


I’m as cynical as the next person but have learned over the years never to take anything at face value when l can explore and research most claims for myself. Rather than dismiss Geoff’s statement out of hand l want to know more before l form an informed opinion. This is where lv’e started - It makes interesting and disturbing reading.


Sounds like the BCS just parroting other stuff in an alarmist fashion but putting some veneer of respectability on it because they are a recognisable/reputable body - I note it is mostly on health effects which they are not qualified to comment upon.

I’m pretty certain little to none of the stuff they cite holds water - repeat after me “correlation does not equal causation”.

If I have time I’ll try to look over the links that they provide and make some comments but, as ever, we are in the situation where it is easy to make alarmist claims which many will lap up repeat and magnify on social media but which few are qualified to analyse or understand and few will note that while there is much brouhaha it all wraps around to the same limited number of sources.


Before anyone jumps on me from a great height… can I ask if the 5G worry is in any way similar to a News item a few years ago…

regarding a school which refused to have phone masts on/in their playground/sports field (something like that)… too close to children/might have adverse effect… :thinking:

The Application was denied and the masts had to be put much further away from the school …


As l said in my post “This is where lv’e started” and l definitely didn’t say l agreed with any of it - what l did say, and repeat after me was “It makes interesting and disturbing reading”.

Like you and countless other people l will look over the links and also read, listen to, watch and digest as much ‘open source’ material as l can. That includes your views too Paul, before coming to a judgement, which may not be for some time as new data is and will become increasingly available as the systems are tested and rolled out to the public.

With particular regard to frequency spectrum Paul, 5G opperates in what is known as the microwave spectrum in this case between around 25 and 85 GHz. These are also referred to as millimetre waves because their wavelength is betweem around one and ten millemetres. And with particular regard to power density, the problem this gives its users is that is it greatly attenuated by simple things such as foliage and walls etc and so to combat this, many transmitters of high power spaced at regular intervals are necessarry to get complete coverage as has happenned in Sheffield, one of the first roll out areas.
60GHz. is the molecule absorbtion frequency of oxygen and when adversly affected by these 5G waves it prevents them from combining with heamoglobin molecules and thus prevents oxygen from getting into the tissue. Children are more susceptable because their bodies are more moist than adults.
You may or may not be aware that the military (and police) use a device for crown control which is called ‘active denial system’. This opperates at 95GHz. and causes people to flee the scene because they feel that they are frying inside.
Hope this helps

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Am I worried ? NO, I have just made a helmet out of aluminium foil and that seems to be stopping all the ‘little voices’ and waves from zapping me :innocent: