Uprating of pensions

Published just now…next 3 years uprating guaranteed in event of no deal. After that it’s down to negotiation, but aim to continue it.


let’s hope so. Provided Iain Dunkin Donut doesn’t get his grubby little hands on it we might be ok.
That said, I fail to see how any sort of Brexshit has any effect on protecting the pension rights of it’s sovereign citizens :thinking:

Does it mean healthcare too? Or just our fourpence per month upgrade? I’m not complaining about any of it, but if a carte vitale doesn’t work anymore, we’ll need to locate performers from the The Kickapoo Indian Medicine Company, or similar? Can’t go back to London or Berlin for every ingrowing toenail etc.

No reason you would not have access to health cover-problem will be -for some-there may be no S1 so may have cotisations to that-and I know that will be a huge problem for many. Anyone who is legally resident in France can access the healthcare.

No S1 for some… Cotisations. Access for everyone…
It will be nice when I understand what that is all about.
An attestation …that was the document that told France…this person has the backing of UK healthcare funds. From donkeys years ago. Up until now, or until the UK health support is cut. (I think)
I think it’s right to say…Cotisations, are paid via top up insurance?. OK gottit. Eezy Peezy.
Healthcare is for anyone living legally in France? They will be all residents issued with CDSs? Those without a CDs, for future refs, will be ‘illegals’? And those, will have zero healthcare. And will be obliged to leave, because they will become illegal, if they are refused a CDS?
One legal bod assured me, that its very unlikely for me or anyone like me to be refused a CDs…but…If that happens, why not let out my house, in order to bump up my income to a better looking monthly total? Become a bigger consumer, earn some more, blow some more. Whoopee! Easy! Made it OK?
Got More Money I don’t need. Become Legal!!!
Do you think that’s about right? I’m still a tiny bit mystified… :smiley:

"There is indeed a risk that you get refused a CDS if the French authorities consider that your resources are not sufficient and that you could become a burden to the French social assistance system in the sense of Article 7 of Directive 2004/38.
The French authorities decide on a case-by-case scenario, so you must be ready to rebut any argument that they may put forth - if ever – to deny your right to stay in France. " (legal source)

Jeanette, as several people have said a few times now because you have been in France over 10 years and have tax papers to show that you have lived here legally, then you cannot be kicked out unless you commit a major crime.

And for healthcare, if you income is low then you will be eligible for CMU-C - which is essentially free healthcare. And if your income is above the threshold of around 10,000€ a year then you will only have to pay 8% of any income above that amount. So say your income is 15,000 then you will only have to pay 400€ a year - which is hopefully manageable.

So enjoy your patch of wilderness and don’t fret.

And as for those who are not in a secure position like you are, well they’ve had 3 years to sort themselves out so one hopes they have actually done so.

(And since you now have a german passport you don’t need a CdS anyway!)


It’s an odd one. Where your state pension is paid shouldn’t matter.

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But it does. At the moment U.K. OAPs who live in France receive a pension that increases every year at the same rate as one in the U.K. A U.K. OAP who lives in New Zealand receives their pension at the rate it was when they retired, no annual increases. A huge difference. Other countries follow one model or the other.

Is there any convincing justification for this?

No. Simply that there are reciprocal arrangements with some countries and not with others. Move to the USA and you get the annual increases. Move to Canada and you don’t.

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I wonder how accurate the pensions database is? As a lot of people here have their pensions paid into UK bank accounts. When OH got his he applied from our UK address and had it paid into UK account. That has never changed…

what ‘reciprocal’ arrangements could possibly impact on how much state pension is paid?

Thank you Jane, for your careful reply. Sadly, the information you offer, is not correct. According to my lawyer, who was on holiday, as Vero suggested.
I am aware that a growing number of people have been refused a CDS.

Each member country, each prefet, has some autonomy as to whom they award legal right of residence, or not. For those people who are refused, who, it seems, so far, include the elderly or on low income, such a decision may well be a major tragedy.

Jane’s last sentence is the important one. You have a German passport. Your future in France is 100% secure.

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Martin. I wish , for my own sake, that was true, although I’m very sad for everyone facing ‘deportation in three months’ if that order is given.
If you try to google information about those people required to leave, almost nothing can be found. But alas, the fact is verified by SOLVIT, and by the Prefet at my first rendezvous, that the last word remains with the prefet you apply to. No I’m not in any way any kind of law breaker, No I do not depend on or_ask for any kind of Government support. Yes I am a dual national of UK and Germany. The prefet still has the right to refuse a CDS. Based on, one fact most importantly, level of income. For elderly people, there can be no guarantees at all, unless they become suddenly wealthy or suddenly achieve top fitness,.Sooner or later they MAY become a drain on French resources. You think that France has a duty to take care of the Old Age Pensioners that may very well be discarded, in Europe, when brexit happens at last? Or OAPs from anywhere else?
Every country, every prefet in the EU, can accept or reject individuals. It may be true, that elderly people put up the least resistance anyway. Why don’t we hear about them?

Are you not that spokesperson?

Sorry, John Hall, I’m not sure if you are commenting to me, or not. If to me, then certainly, I will say whatever looks useful, to say. Hopefully I will become better informed along the way. I could begin by publishing bits of communication already dealt with, but not sure if that’s copyright infringement or not…

The thing is Jeanette, you are in a position where you DON’T need to apply to the prefecture.


But you don’t need a carte de séjour, you are European and have the right to live here without one. Just ignore the whole British thing, you don’t need to think about it because you are German :smiley: .You have lived here for more than 5 years haven’t you, so see below

Séjour de longue durée d’un Européen en France

Vérifié le 22 octobre 2018 - Direction de l’information légale et administrative (Premier ministre)

En tant que citoyen d’un pays de l’Espace économique européen, ou si vous êtes suisse, vous avez le droit de séjourner en France plus de 3 mois. Vous n’êtes pas obligé d’avoir un titre de séjour mais vous pouvez en faire la demande. Vous devez remplir certaines conditions les 5 premières années de votre séjour. Après 5 ans passés en France, de façon légale et ininterrompue, vous avez un droit de séjour permanent (sans conditions)