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:eyes::face_with_monocle:Once again we need some help and feedback. We had local artisan in with quote for 3 plain tilt and turn windows. My initial thought was that I didn’t want to buy the business, just 3 windows. But one tries to use the recommended people…
So, anyway, has anyone got experience of mister menuiserie or similar? We need 3 windows, fitted the last 3 houses worth ourselves so not worried about fitting. Who does made to measure, at realistic prices, between St. Malo and Rennes ? All anecdotes, stories and recommendations gratefully received.:thinking::eyes:

Remember that, ordinarily, you’re not just buying the windows, but a guarantee from the tradesman over a number of years.
Also, making a profit is how businesses survive ; difficult enough in these times…and shouldn’t be begrudged.
That said, there are always the greedy fuckers out there.
I found a local maker / supplier of windows, doors etc., when I was still self-employed ; never used anybody else after that.
I tried some of the “as seen on tv” firms, for quotes…frankly, not worth the effort.
Good luck.
Hope this helps.

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Bob - some very useful comments there, so thank you.

However, I don’t think the swearing added anything. Indeed, it seems to go against the ethos of this site which I understand to be ‘behave as you would at a polite dinner party’.

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There was a company who advertised on here a few years back, maybe James remembers? UK made but available in France

We have found Leroy Merlin to be good, both for standard of the shelf sizes and made to measure.


As someone who has run a business for the last 24 years I know about overheads. I am not able to pay 4 times what I would expect to pay, knowing the price of the items in question. And with all the best will in the world, but everything I have looked at comes with a 10 year guarantee. No, sorry. I am not willing to pay over the odds to such an extent.

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Thanks for that. We are thinking of pricing LM and mister menuiserie. They are opening a place in St. Malo next month. Always been very satisfied with LM as well.

we bought some no nonsense type oak windows and a sliding patio door from Brico Depot.
They have branches in St Malo

I understand entirely, but places like Brico Depot & other such suppliers keep their prices lower than the ordinary trade can compete with…they’re only re-sellers, after all.
Some sites exist that let you price jobs yourself.
I was very surprised to find that an average size upvc window…supply & fit…was priced at approx 900 euros.
I wish I’d charged as much as that ; I wouldn’t have been struggling so much for so long.

James & Cat never use bad language I’m led to believe :joy:
Indeed, James did once tell me to say what I think, when I asked if I could include the word “bollocks” in a reply.
As for dinner parties…there’s a reason I don’t go, or get invited…strangely, it’s not the swearing.


The mind boggles…

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I got 2 115x100cm windows and a 205x105cm French door for 450€ which I didn’t think was bad.

Unable to get LM to honour a quote for two tilt and turn windows some years ago I wandered round their store and noticed a rack of clearances.

So for €150 I got 3 different ones (the hardest job was getting through checkout as the computer would only recognise %age reductions, not reduced prices :roll_eyes:) and got a local artisan to enlarge the openings to fit two of them. The third one I fitted myself into a shed I was building at the time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also been quite happy with the quality of LM. We have had BD stuff, must say compared to their quality 15/20 years ago they are MUCH better now but think that LM has the edge. We have bought some lightly used 2nd hand windows which for some of our odd shapes has saved us a fortune. One set were LePeyre oak - just stunning windows but I have heard their quality has dropped massively in recent years. Just to say all wood though not UPVC as don’t think they would suit our old stone house and have concerns about what they leach into the atmosphere.

We bought mainly Lapeyre oak for our new build (along with a few BD windows mentioned up thread for the garage) but were interested to note that the Lapeyre are not solid oak but some wood or other with an oak veneer finish. They do the job, but I think on reflection, I would have preferred either proper oak or white uPVC in the end.

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Solid oak can be comparatively unstable. The modern trend is to ‘engineered oak’ - a core of a very stable wood with a veneer of oak. The veneer tends to be thicker in the more expensive windows.

(Edited to correct ‘creative’ writing…)

is that aka the Gordon principle :thinking:

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One day, my phone’s autocorrect is going to land me in real trouble!
(Writes out 100 times "Must proofread every post…)


I must admit I read this several times earlier and didn’t have the foggiest what that meant, but now you’ve corrected it I’m a little disappointed I don’t get to learn about this Bennett trend. I like learning new things :see_no_evil::joy:

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I’m not surprised :rofl:

I hope it all makes sense now.

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