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If this has been covered before, apologies in advance but I did search before posting. We need personal insurance - according to a friend, it is obligatoire. I contacted our insurance man (who is an agent for MMA) and he is now telling me that we need this AND special insurance because from time to time, people come to the house for painting lessons or English lessons. We have an appointment tomorrow morning, and will know more then but am seriously worried about the costs. Any advice or suggestions appreciated. Thanks, Sheila

Be sure to check a few more agencies - our renters pay about 13 euros a month and I would have had a guess at everything for less than you are being quoted...

Cheers Catharine - make mine a double hic :)

absolutely Keith - lovely bunch :) Can't wait to get back home and meet some more of you

I think you need a "Keep calm and carry on T shirt" - or a large G&T xxx

Hi Steve - yes it was a weird coincidence - it looks like 1 of the 4 discs on the NAS failed but now he's replaced that and it has an Array issue - all too technical for me but he assures me when he gets chance to sort it out he can recover my stuff (like 10 years of photos!) as well as boring company stuff. He messes with it after work, swears a bit, orders something on t'internet then has to wait for it to arrive...messes with it..swears a bit - repeat cycle...fun eh!

we got our from Credit agricole when we taxed the car&house its about €5.75 a month

Hi Peter. No, we don't have a lease or "bail" -we met the owner a couple of years ago (another Irish person). This house had been empty for a couple of years and a lot of damage was done January 2012 because of a burst pipe which no-one spotted in time. He knew we were looking for a long term rent, and he wanted the house lived in. We met a few times and finally agreed a rent. He has another house about 40 kms away where he spends holidays.

Thanks so much everyone for replying. I saw M. Rouger at 10.30. He knew we were offering courses in painting, English and cooking and also that we were opening a small gallery in the front room (that's the thing about living in a small village!).

For assurance locataire (AL), it would be €18 per month. For €26 a month, we can have the AL plus assurance professionelle (AP) which appears to include the responsibilité civile. For "garantie incendie, dégat des eaux, etc. pour €5000 de biens immobiliers" it would be €184, or €33 per month for everything, if I understood all that correctly. He will send a devis later - as luck would have it, the entire MMA network went down while I was there, and he couldn't print or email the devis. He wanted to know our annual turnover! "Zero" says I.

Sheila do you actually have a tenancy agreement with the owners or is it like an unofficial house let ?

do you have a 'contrat de location' or a 'bail' etc ?


You need/must have tenant insurance (I have used Aviva which I find is good here and reasonable - I did do a good hunt for comparisons) which should include civil and public liability and if you ask they can also give you the extra cover for having pupils in your home.

There should be no problems!

It is normal in France for the tenant to pay the insurance in fact non payment of such insurance premiums is a cast iron way to evict a tenant outside the winter closed season. Evidence of such insurance has to be produced.

Strange that your har disk and your backup disk both went at same time ? Does your house suffer from electrical surges ? Do you have lightning protection and/or a UPS ? If your husband is in IT, he can probably recover the data from one of the 5 disks

Oh no, oh no, Suz. Sincere sympathies on the loss of your grandad. Sending you big virtual hug, and will have the blanquette chilling for when you make it over here. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sheila, our car has gone in for mot, new rear tyres, front brake discs, pads, parking brake, numberplates (some kind person used ours as their own parking sensor....stop when you hit the car behind), our computer hard disc went and at the same time our backup drive which has 4 hard discs which duplicate so we are quadruply safe has also crashed, I have access to the web server but none of my accounts stuff and its year end for darrens uk company, french tax dec to do, uk vat due in endof month, am in the middle of packing to get us back to france and my grandad died last night so need to help mum with the funeral and the poweer of attorney/executor mess we are now in....but the sun is finally shining and I will soon be back home, then we will meet up for a well deserved drink!

Thanks to all for the responses this morning. I omitted to mention one fact - we are renting this house from a friend - he has the house insured already with Aviva, but we have no current insurance in place. We have been here a year.

Hi Sheila - as Peter Bird says, for the public liability insurance it's best to stick to your current household insurer. I do B&B and told my household insurer who added it onto the policy - but if I remember rightly I don't think we had to pay any more for it. Or if we did it was a very small amount.

For the "personal insurance" - do you mean health insurance? Or simply public liability? If it's the latter, it's covered (or can be cheaply covered) in your household policy. If it's health - that's a whole new kettle of fish!


Our civil liability is included with our house insurance. I thought this was normal, so do check yours!

We had additional insurance when we had English pupils too - both for lessons and as guests for a week or two. Again the additional cost was very modest. And that's with a major insurer (but with a local friendly Branch!)

I totally agree that it's a jolly good idea to have them all with the same assurer, saves a lot of hassle.

Having said that we saved a pile of money changing our car insurer last year!

Public Liability cover is usually included in your house policy ie. house tiles flying off and causing injury or damage etc etc but extra cover may be required - remember insurance agents will try to sell you anything ! I would imagine the costs would be quite low if tagged oçn to your present insurance policy

I would stick with your current insurance company as things may get complicated if you have a separate Public Liability contract with another company

Just my opinion you understand

Yo can usually pay your car insurance monthly at no charge.