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Hi, is it just me that can’t access to make declarations and payments or is the whole site down? I can’t find anything on the net to say there is a problem. Have sent a message and got an automated reply. Still got another automated email warning me to declare before 31st October!

Don’t want to get fined for not declaring

Frankly, if you’re receiving the message saying the site is “down” I don’t see how they can fine you for not declaring on-line… so relax on that point.

EDIT: Pour joindre votre Urssaf par téléphone composez le 3698 (Service gratuit + prix appel).

you are not alone… others report that the site is “down”

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make sure you keep a copy of the image you uploaded for use later if they do take action. Check it daily and keep those images too.


Just rang the 3698 number and the person answering didn’t allude to there being any problem, just that she would send me a new password! Doubt if that will work as I could access the site, just couldn’t declare and pay

fair enough…
last time there was a problem it was because everyone was accessing (or trying to) at the same time…
being end october…I suspect it’s happening again…keep calm, keep copies as suggested…

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Having spoken to one person who kindly sent me a link to re-set my password, which changed nothing! The second person I spoke to said the site is down and try again tomorrow afternoon!!


The same happens often with the CAF too especially when you have to get your declarations done and they are well behind.

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thank heavens you got through to someone in the know… (as well as us, of course…) :+1: :+1: :rofl:

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Especially on a day of general strikes! Thanks for your response

It was working for me this morning when I logged on, but the email system did seem screwed up. I had a little flag at top of screen telling me I had a new email, then when I clicked on the link, the alleged email disappeared, and yet, it was indeed there in the messaging system (information about my upcoming November payment), so it would seem that the system, as usual, isn’t quite working 100% as it should.

I normally declare at the beginning of the month and never have a problem , I think the issue is the website wasn’t designed for the high traffic generated when everyone leaves it late in the month to declare and all log on after the reminder email is received


Eeeek! I just checked to see why my August payment has not gone through and it looks like I did not hit the second button to make the payment! So, a late payment charge of €38.00 has been added to the amount due for payment.

Have just tried to make the payment now and all I get is the following error:

“Http failure response for https://api.urssaf.fr/micro_entrepreneur/v2/declaration/declaration: 401 Unauthorized”.

I therefore presume that the site is overloaded? I have sent a online message explaining my FU and have received an automated response with a reference number.

Just a waiting game now.

Cheers - Steve

FWIW, they also have a telephone service which I’ve found to be more useful and efficient when I’ve had technical problems with the platform in the past. Just remember that waiting for someone to answer, especially during school holiday period, can take quite a while !

Thanks for that RP. Just found the number to call. Will have to get a friend over who speaks perfect French to make that one happen. Mine is limited to “shopping and restaurant” French. Which is quite an achievement really, as I did not speak one word when I moved over to Monty in October 2014 :wink:

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Morning. Finally managed to pay the outstanding amount today. Rang the number and a copy of the Urssaf Languedoc-Roussillon RIB was emailed to me. So, sorted at this end.

Have a great day - Steve :slight_smile:


phew… guard a copy of that RIB for the future… just in case…

Locked in my safe in de garage Stella!

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Oh gosh, I’m SO hopeless! I’m forever doing mine late but so far never been charged (although it is a side gig so Max ever was maybe €600/month!). This month was so proud as did it on the day. Didn’t read the 12h00 deadline though so was 5 hours late :rofl: better than the normal days!!!