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Morning all!

It's been suggested before and I know lots of stuff has been posted on the site AND then disappeared into the ether.....but I now have the facility (and possibly even ability!) to create an area where useful links can remain for ever more.

So if you have contact details for a recommended translator - a bi-lingual lawyer or an English speaking helpline, please post them in this thread and I will start collating them.


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Hi Terry. You are of course quite right. There was a fourth column which contained remarks, and I hadn't noticed it did not copy over, pointing out that fact. Well, we'll know next Sunday if we are to get any extra holidays!

Small point, Sheila, but I don't think even the French have made Mother's Day and Father's Day public holidays! At least not yet. No doubt if Hollande gets in this will be high on the agenda.

For the newbies amongst us, here are the dates of the remaining public holidays this year in France:

Tuesday 01/05/2012 Labour Day
Tuesday 08/05/2012 Victory in Europe
Thursday 17/05/2012 Ascension
Sunday 27/05/2012 Pentecost
Monday 28/05/2012 Pentecost Monday
Sunday 03/06/2012 Mother´s Day
Sunday 17/06/2012 Father´s Day
Saturday 14/07/2012 Bastille Day
Wednesday 15/08/2012 Assumption of Mary
Thursday 01/11/2012 All Saints
Sunday 11/11/2012 Armistice Day 1918
Tuesday 25/12/2012 Christmas

My guardian angel of nearly ALL my ASSURANCES:


Assureur conseil Santé – Prévoyance


6, chemin de la Marouette - Pôle Bigarrena - 64100 Bayonne

Ligne directe : 05 59 15 16 25 - Fax : 05 59 44 63 37

Email :

Web :

A very charming, extremely competent lady, who speaks good English to boot.

Why didn't I mention her before? Stupidity on my part. It was only a few days ago, when we were talking about the enormous amount of money I spend, just to have someone take care of me (handicapped) two hours a day, during 6 days a week, and she asked me why I had not taken out an Assurance Dépendance ... €155 a month to be covered for €2000 a month ... that I thought of questions asked on SFN.

Hope she can help you, too!

This is a splendid idea.

Here's the link to EDF English speaking lines - scroll down about halfway until you get to the map, find your department, and select appropriate number to ring.

For legal help with disputes valued at less than €4000 which are dealt with by the "juge de proximité":

They will write a letter to whoever you're in dispute with and, if that doesn't work, lodge a complaint with your local court on your behalf. I haven't used them myself but a recent article in Le Figaro spoke highly of them and said they charge €29.90 + €69.90 if it goes to court. for all those questions about what documents you need to keep and for how long (the home page) for info on just about anything to do with "l'Administration"!

By the way, is a travel service as I just discovered.

We have just had some mattresses and bed frames delivered from UK.

I used Europe Remove Ltd, based in Chigwell and was very impressed with the service. Christian was friendly and efficient and their quote was the cheapest I received, £340.00 for a Super King bedframe, boxed, and the mattress and two single bedframes, also boxed and the mattresses.

The load was delivered from the supplier to their depot and from there on to us.

We are near Macon and they came via Geneva and were going back via Le Mans, so we had a part load. They make trips each week to France and also all over Europe.

If you are looking for someone to bring over a larger load then Parcels Please handle, then I can heartily recommend them.

I love this idea. Thank you, thank you!

We've just accepted an offer on our house in London and hope to be moving to our house in Maubourguet within about 6 weeks. These are just some of the contacts who have been amazingly welcoming, courteous and helpful:

UK and French tax advice: Virginie Deflassieux of PKF Guernsey -

Estate agents who go the extra mile:
- Maubourguet: Edward and Penny Landau of Le Bonheur
- Pau: Lousie Cheesebrough of FPI Residences

Gorgeous B&B Accommodation in Maubourguet: Kim and David Didden

Notaire Madame Marie-Christine Sempe of Vic-en-Bigorre and Tarbes (French only)

Flower delivery in France:

Support in dealing with bureaucracy: Palma BEGUE-URSO of Feet in France:

Internet installation: Terry Pugh of (also does web programming and site design)

English speaking helpline for the ORANGE internet, or those that aren't sure, if you have a white livebox then that should be orange --- just make sure you have the new version Phone No, 0969 36 39 00, They are very polite and very helpful.

What a brilliant idea. Thank you guys.


Anglican Church in Brittany (Although most of my family is Catholic)

cover most of France

Hi Annie, Try this accountant who I know from experience to be totally professional, personable, knowledgeable and, best of all, very reasonable!

Tel/ Fax 0297-39-59-03

Recommended translator in the Vendee Jill Johnson

When I moved to Nantes I had to find someone from 44, I could have done it all myself - but I have no official stamp!

Looking for an english speaking accountant who ADVISES - Brittany

For French-English translations we (the ImmoA3 Property Advertising Agency) are very happy with the services of Andrew Hearne.

Here come the bi-lingual lawyer's details:

Guillaume Barlet

French Lawyer (Independent Juriste)

Bank House Investment Management Limited

Tavistock House

5 Rodney Road

Glos GL50 1HX


Twitter: @LawFrench

Tel: 0044 (0) 1242 545 971