Using a Skype handset

Does anyone use Skype dedicated handsets, do they replace your landline or is it just a secondary option?

I see you can even get video enable handsets too.

Is any of it a viable alternative to a fixed line?

When I mentioned "Emergency Calls"- I was not referring to burning the bacon or worse but making out call to any emergency service- what would be 999 in UK. Hope this is clear now

Hi Jacqueline, years ago when it was very expensive to call overseas (I'm talking from NZ) it was a great alternative as when you call skype to skype it's free. It was also a great alternative to video conferencing which otherwise would have incurred internet charges.

The download is free, skype to skype is free, but skype to landline or mobile is not free. To start using you must load on some credit, but if you are always calling skype to skype you won't use any of your credit. And recently Microsoft bought skype.

Plus, of course, Skype cannot be used to make emergency calls. (bet it could be, but it wouldn't give the operator the information as to where you are calling from???) so, as mentioned in previous posts you would need a mobile. And if your EDF service is anything like mine here, you can't *rely* on having electricity 24/7 - and with no power you have nothing!!

Hi all,

Just need the following explained to me as i am a bit on the slow side regarding technical stuff.

I have bought a cottage in very rural Creuse dept23, there is no telephone connection and getting one is going to be difficult, so I have opted for TOOWAY satellite broadband, I understand this system quite well, but VOIP is getting me confused.

what would any teqie recommend as a telephone system. I will only be making calls to France and occasionally to the UK.

as far as I understand I can have a SKYPE phone system but have two numbers ie one UK number and one French number. is this correct.

I know when I was with BT in the UK I was paying around £35 to £40 per month for land line and broadband. Hope any one can help.

Thanks for that, Brian - and for the link. Had it not been for the p&p, I would have bought it. So glad I didn't!!!!

Just received an email promoting this Arcos phone- which *might* fill the bill!

I have used Morgans for years and years and have always found them to be fair and reasonable. No other connection:

I don't have the expertise to decide whether this is good, bad or indifferent!!

I use Skype when travelling, but I find it seems to work better in unlikely African locations than in my house! I don't think my internet speed is up to it. The FT wet string stretched up the chemin is never more than 1mb. However, if you need to show something to someone (no sniggering at the back!) the video option can be very useful.

RTX DualPhone 3058 Cordless For Skype and Landline phone 2in1 RRP £79.99

Just Sold @ £12.82 on ebay- bargain !

I use Skype for video messaging - but my Orange VOIP line for almost everything else. I call "home" at least twice a day, and with my ex- we normally talk for up to an hour at a time - for "free"!!

My landline calls used to be €80 a month, but now I just pay the line rental.

I am not sure that Skype on the mobile is *that* much cheaper - unless you use wi-fi, when, of course, Skype-Skype calls are also free.

Just made a call from my Skype smartphone app from France to a UK landline number. The call lasted around 10 minutes and cost €0.37c. That doesn't sound particularly cheap to me, not for VOIP anyway, what do you think?

Excellent Brian, thanks for that :)

Thanks Celeste :)

Excellent summary, namesake, but would reiterate that Skype can't be used for emergency call so mobile (cheap SIM PAYG available from LeClerc) would be suggested

Thanks Brian!

I use Vonage from £5 to £9 per month and all my calls are free. excellent. Cant recommend them enough.. slashed my phone bill. Its VOIP.

hope it helps and no I don't own shares! :-)