Utterly Stupid

We have just been sent our renewal insurance ticket for our ride on lawn mower with instructions to fix it to the windscreen!


A ride-on with a windscreen…must have been expensive…

We always used to get one for our car trailer…:relaxed: it’s a standard part of the insurance document…but it did make us chuckle…:grinning:

Bit like the one for my quad!
Regarding the ride on mower, I know that it is a requirement, but I have never separately insured mine and can’t really understand why. Unless i run someone over maybe? Will I get a visit from the garden police?

Why not ask your Insurers why it is a requirement ?:frowning:

Ask them for one of the holders they give motorcyclists that allows the insurance vignette to be stuck onto any surface.

Hi Stella,
Because we live here and try to abide by the law.

When I insured my car trailer the instructions clearly stated that the insurance vignette should not be attached to the trailer but kept, along with the Carte Grise and insurance certificate, in the tow car.

I think you may have misunderstood me… we always had our car trailer/transporter fully insured (with Breakdown Cover as well). We sold it last year when we finally had no further use for it.

We gave our Insurance Company a copy of cancelled CG (signed, plus date and time)… and they cancelled the insurance cover.

We also completed the appropriate sale forms in triplicate…one copy for us, one we sent to the Prefecture and one copy for the purchaser.

So, hopefully, we are well within the Law…:innocent:

Hi David, I don’t recall it saying that, but maybe so…

as there was nowhere to stick the vignette, it seemed obvious to keep the intact insurance doc with the CG.

We had a Brian James trailer… what sort did you have…?

I still have an Ifor Williams.

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Stella, I am using my I Pad, and I have inadvertently mixed up two comments. sorry.

No probs Jane…

Why insure a lawnmower?
It’s not law to have it

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Anthony… it all depends on what the machine actually is.

Many lawnmowers do need insuring…but not the flymo that I can lift with one hand :laughing: (even though I can be lethal with it)

It is necessary to insure a ride on mower.

Jane, out of interest, do you mind telling how much you pay for your ride on mower insurance?

Why a ride on but not a flymo?
And wouldnt your house insurance cover it?

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As I understand it… a normal garden lawn mower falls within the standard household cover.

A mower with a seat becomes (more or less) a vehicle…

There are loads of Insurance sites which cover this aspect.

If you read Mark Robbins’ post… he admits he knows that special/separate cover is needed for his ride-on… but…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

C’est bizarre