Vaccination Certificates & EU digital certificate

Hi I have downloaded the correct app and have printed out the NHS QR code onto a piece of paper. I keep scanning it from the app which appears to work but then it gets a red cross and rejection.
No idea why it won’t work…
Any thoughts, anyone ?

Does the NHS version have 2 QR codes - one for scanning into your smartphone and one for scanning by other people, like the French one does or do you just have the one? If you just have the one, you could just use the piece of paper, which is what we have to do anyway, having no smartphones!

I’m sure some more informed comments will appear soon though… :crossed_fingers:

Yes, there just appears to be one QR code on the NHS app.
If you have success with a piece of paper though, I guess we will hope that will work for us too!
Do you need them to go into supermarkets ?

No not for supermarket’s or shops.

Depending on the area, you might need them for the “grands surfaces”

I read that, if the cinema has more than 50 seats, they have to check certificates even if there are less than fifty people. It’s the potential capacity that counts.

JJones post was 22 July… things have tightened up since then… :wink:

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They have indeed!

I have my PSanitaire in paper form, in my handbag with all my essential bits and bobs…
just in case I decide to grab a train… dash into a Bar/Resto/Cinema or whatever exciting place I fancy at the time… :hugs:

Just make sure that the area of the QR can’t get folded or creased as the reader won’t scan it correctly.

Have no fear, it carries clear fold lines and sits in the wallet quite happily…

but thanks for the thought… a good point to make to anyone with the paper bit stashed in a pocket/wherever…


I have it folded up along the dotted lines in my handbag (and a copy of both of ours unfolded in plastic wallets in the glove compartment of both cars plus my marriage certificate in case anyone queries the name) Belt, braces and additional piece of string, that’s me :rofl: :rofl:

Yes its good to have a paper backup. My wife’s certificate seems to get deleted every time there’s an update to the covid app.

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You know where you are with paper! :smiley:

I prefer carrying mine around on a slate - it weighs me down a little but I know I have it


Just watch out for rain though :wink::yum::grin:

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Don’t worry I have one carved into a tablet of stone in the car.


Think about earthquakes though :laughing:

I used to carry two of the paper versions, one the muppet version, “print out in A4” and be careful how you handle and store it/carry it. The new, improved version, printed in A5, works exactly the same but fits in a credit card slot in my wallet. “My, what a small one you have” said the lady in the chemist"

Tried and tested.


I must admit that I do find the patronising attitude of smartphone carriers towards those who choose to use paper more than a little difficult…