Vaccination Certificates & EU digital certificate

Advice please on getting my vaccination certificates in order to upload on the App and have a recognised record for travel, etc. Had the first jab in April and was given a paper certificate, (unfortunately with my name spelt wrongly but they wouldn’t print another cert just said it was ok as they had changed it on the computer record.) Had the second jab in May and got the new cert with QRS code. Asked about the QRS for the first vaccination and was told I must download from my Amelie account. However I am still waiting for SS number from Amelie so cannot set up an account. Is there any way around this does anyone know? TIA.

I only got the certificate at my second dose - but it says I have had both doses.
I just added it to the covid app by getting it to read the QR code (in Wallet - My Certificates - Add a cetificate).

Me too Geof. No cert first time, cert second time which the app was happy to accept. Same for my better half.

Scanned it to the app but it says I have only had one dose! Looks like I will have to go back to the vaccination centre to see if they will correct it :cry:
Thanks for the info guys.

My wife had her Covid vaccinations in April and May, so only had paperwork without a QRS code.

She went back to the vaccination centre last week, and they gave her a new style certificate with QRS code.

For those like me who were struggling to get an EU digital vaccination certificate as they are ayant droits…it now works.

Go into And log in using your impôts details. And voila it will list both of you with buttons to download certificates…

Off to cinema tonight so need to have one.

Also of course works for everyone else!

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Thanks @JaneJones - very useful to know! I’ve told my partner as he’s on my S1 at the mo…

Edit: Just tried it - using impot login - only me showing … :frowning:
No immediate worry as he got one printed off for him at the pharmacie but it’s always useful to have it in pdf format!

that’s a shame… perhaps there’s a way round this…

We do make a joint declaration @Stella - we were PACSed last year. Perhaps “they” haven’t caught up with that yet :smiley:

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Mine wasn’t there last week…but it appeared today! If I log in via Ameli it isn’t there. Basically system still has bugs!

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I’ll keep an eye on it then, Jane!

Edit - Given that you have enough influence to achieve that minor miracle, I wonder if you could manage to get them to put both my names on the certificate as well :rofl:

I’m not in Amelie due CPAM processes taking so long.

I opened AntiCovid app (=TousAntiCovid). It lets me scan the QR code off my 2nd vaccination certificate into the app. It now sits in the wallet. Just the 2nd certificate was necessary to prove I’ve had both vaccinations.

If you give your Social Security Number (even a temporary one), or the Patient Number they will give you at first vacc if you are not yet in the system, then if you were vaccinated before they began to put the QR code on your vaccination certificate then vaccination centre can now reprint for you with the new QR code that is the EU Covid pass one, that you can upload to AntiCovid app if you can’t get it in Ameli.

That gets you the EU Covid vaccination Pass if you are struggling with CPAM, SSN or Ameli.

Now, if Boris would only be sensible and recognise the EU pass…

Although resident in France, I had both Vaccines whilst in the UK and have them downloaded on an NHS app.
Does anyone know if these will be accepted by EU as a Covid Pass and how can I get these transferred onto a French App please?

France accepts the NHS proof of vaccination.

Don’t count on ever being able to load certificates from the UK into any other country’s app. It would I suspect be technically easy for the UK to follow the same format of QR code printing and uploading as the 22 countries have agreed for the EU pass thus resolving the problem.

But that would take far too much common sense when there are political footballs to be kicked about and people unable to return to the UK from France to visit dying relatives without 10 days quarantine.

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As of today you CAN scan UK vaccination certificates into TousAntiCovid. You need to have the latest version of the TousAntiCovid App and a download of the NHS certificate from today onwards. Simples

shock! horror! if it works. Thanks.

Now, if Boris could just look at not requiring quarantine for those returning to UK from mainland France…

It does work as I have done it with mine contact me if you get any problems

apparently the French entertainment venues can’t read the UK one even if uploaded but it’s a good start

The cinema last night limited itself to 49 people so they didn’t have to check certificates…they have no way of reading French ones let alone UK ones!

And since no-one apart from the police is allowed to ask to see your ID you can carry your sister’s certificate…