Vaccination Delays Charente

Is anyone having any luck in getting the vaccine in the Charente? My 81yr old mum is on the waiting list. I look online every day but there are never any appointments available. Am getting worried for her…

My MT in the Charente has offered the AZ vaccine as it’s now being rolled out by surgeries and pharmacies.
Have you ben in touch with her MT?

Sorry but I’m new to all this! What’s an MT?

MT = Médecin Traitant - her GP in French terms

MT is a medicin traitant, so her GP.

It is worrying but stocks of vaccines should be increasing very soon, so more appointments will appear. Make sure her GP(MT) knows she wishes to be vaccinated and has her phone number as they are calling people up if there are cancellations or last minute extras.

In France the Astra-Zemeca jab is only authorised for the under 65’s. Sorry.

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Thank you - this is useful. Can you recommend the best online daily French News app or link?

Ah, ok! Thanks. As below, could you kindly recommend a good daily French news app or portal?

Im English? perhaps

The official AntiCovid app on your smartphone gives up to date news on Covid matters and local info within the app by givng your postcode.


I really don’t know where this AZ less than 65 years comes from. My MT knows my age - indeed he asked me before offering it. He wouldn’t do so if it was not allowed.

All the French news papers…

Edit, gave wrong link

Thank you both. No, @JJones in French as I’m learning. I’ve tried the English ones and don’t find them to be very good… :face_with_monocle:

Thanks for the links @JJones but sorry, where does it say it is not authorised in either of those references?
From the first article referenced dated today:

"This is the third vaccine authorized in France. Unlike the first two authorized vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech; Moderna) using so-called “messenger RNA” technology, the AstraZeneca vaccine is an adenovirus-based vaccine. This vaccine is given in two doses and helps prevent severe forms of COVID 19 in people 18 years of age and older. At this stage, the HAS recommends this vaccine:

  • in people under 65, starting with professionals in the health or medico-social sector, whatever their age;
  • and in people aged 50 to 64, prioritizing those with comorbidities"

I was presuming that you weren’t a health worker! As yes can be given to health workers of any age.

But for general public the priority is 50-64 year olds with comorbidities…

Ok only a priority but the Pfizer and Moderna at moment are priority for over 75’s + some comorbidities and that is not being given to those under 75…

So in a lot of places a lot of 65-75 years old’s are cross as nothing for them. Your MT seems to be an exception…(especially as there’s not that much of it)

I read but have a subscription - not sure how much you can get without. I think the other major newspapers are the same. Have you tried Mix of clips from the TV station plus written summaries


This on-line version can be useful/interesting … with or without subscription… and OH is now following it to try and improve his French… :thinking:

My friend’s daughter is one of the journalists on Liberation.

Not the same as it was, sadly, but still has so e good journalism.

There is an appointment open at 16.06 in Montmeau-Saint-Cybard for the first injection on Doctolib

Just gone as I typed. It was 16 March.