Vacuum Cleaner Recommendations Sought

My ageing and much abused Dyson DC41 has got to the point that it’s wheezing like Billy Bunter on a treadmill. I have replaced hose and filters with aftermarket parts 2 years ago, but most of the seals are toast now.
Seeking recommendations from large home/gite owners as to a replacement.

Alas, given the amount of vacuuming we have to get done in one hit, it has to be a corded vacuum or I’d have to buy half a dozen batteries.

Not to heavy would be an added bonus.

Thanks in advance.

Slightly off topic, but this thread might give you some ideas. Maybe not rule out cordless?

We have a brute of a Miele which does the house and the gite but is a nuisance to get out day to day.

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Pity you don’t live nearer! We have the cheap and cheerful but very effective Henry we used for the business premises, plus 3 Premier Product Mini’s as a resultof merging our houses. I doubt if you can get Premier Products kit here but Henry’s might be feasible. We found that vaccuum cleaners designed for the domestic market were rarely robust enough for us and commercial ones worked a lot better (but tended not to have the fancy add-ons such as deodorisers and the like)

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Henry all the way, cheap and reliable.


We have 2 Henrys: best vacuum cleaners we’ve bought.

Decided to buy these after noticing that many tradesmen and professional cleaners use them.

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Henry have been the best for us, but can be heavy for staircase. Especially good if you have pets :dog2::cat2:

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Our Henry is very light in my view but then I suppose I am used to heavier ones!

New Henry’s are subject to the EU lower power versions, 50% of the old version. Are they any good now, all mine are early models and motor replacements have been for the more powerful original motors.
Deffo with a HEPA bag though.

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We use a corded, bagless Vax for the gites. Think it only cost about €100 7 or 8 years ago and still going strong

I too would be interested to know that Henrys still have some guts. I wouldn’t have anyrhing else. But if they’ve become gutless I don’t know what I’d replace mine with.

I’d probably check on as the Germans don’t seem to accept cr4p on anyrhing electrical and I’m pretty sure Que Choisir reviews various types regularly.

Miele most definitely. Henrys (& Harrys) are robust but lack the finesse & sheer pulling power of a Miele, even one that is well under the EU power restriction.


Henry the best by far

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Welcome to the forum Clive! I have considered a Henry but I dont’ like red! Henrietta however in pink I could cope with!

Interesting to see all the Henry recommendations.

What model/s do you have as there appears to be about a dozen different ones…

Has anyone got a Shark? I’ve heard people say good things.

Very happy with this.

Yes very good, especially the additional roller in front of the usual brush roller. Thats what Henry lacks. Shark so far outlasting the Dyson.
Would hapily recommend especially on carpet with pets

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Ahhhh yes you may have been one of those that has mentioned it, I think my sister as well. How about on hardfloors? We have tiles (well and concrete in some areas still :crazy_face: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: ) downstairs and wood upstairs.

I use our Henry for cleaning up after diy jobs - very robust.
We use the Miele for all other jobs around the house. It’s a very well built piece of equipment and built to last.
We use Miele machines for washing, dish-washing and tumble drying. The initial investment is higher but I think they will cost us less in the long-term.

Hard floors, thats where Henry (insert your favorite colour) wins.

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