Vacuum cleaner recommendations

The motor (I think) in our Dyson upright cleaner has packed up, after a good number of years of faithful service. We’re looking at a number of options, including buying a new machine- now more complicated thanks to Brexit.
Does anyone have a personal recommendation for a new cleaner? With two dogs, five cats and occasional rabbits in the house, will a cordless vac have enough oomph to pick up animal hair.?
The replacement doesn’t have to be a Dyson but I don’t really want a cleaner with a hose because of back problems.
And we have to be able to buy it in France/EC!
Thanks in advance

We have had dyson products previously and last time wanted a cordless upright so decided to try Shark after a friend bought one and was very impressed. Its great on hardwood/tile floors and equally good on carpet and rugs. The only thing I would say as with all cordless devices, probably advisable to have two battery packs, one in use and one charging.


I have replaced the motor in our old dyson, about £20 on ebay - all now working well.

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Hi Mat
That was my first thought, but the replacement motor i found was nearly 100€ so we have started to look at buying a new cleaner. No firm decision yet, though.
Be safe

As a rule, most of the major makes you can buy in England are equally available across Europe, from eg Boulanger, Darty etc. Also Amazon Fr stocks a full range, including Dyson and Shark aspirateurs sans fil.

I have a corded shark, the model specifically for pet hair and have found it exceptional with our two very hairy, very shedding, dogs. I’d always had dysons but between Dyson being a Brexiteer and the quality declining I thought I’d try another make and have found the Shark to be every bit as good, if not better. Obviously I can’t speak to cordless ones which was part of your focus but I’ve been very pleased with mine.

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My Dyson is off to the déchèterie this afternoon…


if it’s compatible with Franz’s machine he might offer to take it for you (minus the motor) :slight_smile:

What do you talk about to your corded one :rofl: :wink:


How much life sucks sometimes. How none of us exist in a vacuum. How we’re all going to dy sonetime.
All of life’s big issues… :rofl:


I’ve just ordered a Shark cordless vacuum from ( Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Anti Hair Wrap, Pet Hair, Single Battery, Turquoise Blue ). On it was £307, on it was only 279.99€.


Best place for Dyson IMHO. Overpriced. Poor, over-complex engineering.

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I agree.
Dyson products are often based on great engineering principles, but tend to be manufactured at the lowest possible cost. That’s a recipe for over priced products with a short life span.

Fixed that for you Brian :yum::grin::hugs:

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Wow Dyson products do get a bashing - do you have one?

I have 2 Dyson cylinders and 2 cordless and are very happy with them.

The cylinders I bought from ebay at £40 each about 5 years ago. The cordless were about £150 each and are a revelation.

We used to have an early cylinder Dyson vac DC02 maybe, no bags which was great, but had to spend a fortune on filters. I’m sure more modern machines are much more efficient though. Problem with Dyson isn’t so much the product ( but they ain’t cheap) but the inventor


I had two Dysons, bought by my mother in law who lived in the upstairs flat. Different models and both were absolute crap.

We have had a few, all conscined to the skip I’m afraid.

My first Dyson was brilliant and went on forever. Three subsequent models were not so great in terms of suction / build quality and longevity.
I sold the last one on in Brexit induced disgust and bought a very cheap basic Titan from Bricodepot for 60 quid. It has been excellent but now needs to be replaced and I am thinking about spending a bit more this time.

Has anyone had any experience of Henry’s? Are they as great as they say they are or is it all hype?

We had a Henry for years then ended up giving to a student neighbour who was looking to furnish her flat. Great machine and easy to manipulate. Only minor criticism (not really a criticism) was that it wasn’t as high-powered as some of the more expensive brands.

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