Variant Omicron & Others

Advice is to keep following the instructions re masks, gel, distancing… for the moment…

and isolating if found to have been in contact with someone who has tested positive… even if you’re fully vaccinated.


… with it being found in our neighbouring countries, it’s only a matter of time before France gets this … and it might even be circulating here already…

The South African Doctor actually treating people said so far the effects are very mild, fatigue is the sign.
So dont panic!


Apparently it is here.

Of course.

Certainly no need to panic…

Just the very real need for folk to wear a mask, distance etc… follow the rules and behave sensibly…

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Interesting post Corona. My understanding was that we don’t yet know whether this new variant is either more catching or more serious or more vaccine-resistant than others. Maybe Japan, Israel, Morocco, etc, that have closed their borders have over-reacted. But then maybe it’s best to apply the precautionary principle anyway…

What is clear is that developed countries need to get vaccines out to the rest of the world a.s.a.p.

I agree Geof - I have just checked on several different national sites and they all say that they don’t yet know. Obviously really scarey headlines will sell newspapers/attract clicks or whatever but at the moment no-one seems to know. Interesting that the small amount of “front-line” evidence so far is not that worrying but South African cases are still not that huge in number…

Don’t you just love Brittany?


It will take a while to know whether this new variant IS more or less dangerous than the present varieties. In the mean time restricting travel from hot-spots and taking care with face coverings is the right thing to do. Much better to slightly over-react and reduce the likelihood of future deaths & lockdowns than to just carry on as normal and then pick up the pieces later when it’s raging through the population.

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Absolutely but the first words are from a SA doctor who has actually been treating this variant whereas our gov and media are again causing the panic.

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There was a headline on Auntie this morning about SA doctor & mild symptoms, but I’m inclined to wait & see. Different populations, climate etc might also make a difference.

French News is not telling folk to panic… simply to follow the “rules” which too many (sadly) are still ignoring…


Never believe the expert on the ground doing the job.
Wait for a no nothing gov minister. Until proven otherwise I believe the SA doctor. With 700 people arrived daily before we stopped flights the barn door was wide open so of course its already here. We need to help the poorer countries if we are to get on top of this and the variants.

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I cannot get to read this article.

It sounds more like normal flu. Horrible but not life threatening for most people.

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I would wait until there is a body of data in a northern European population.

This was the kind of thing being said about the original Wuhan strain before a little more was known.

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Yes of course but at that time 100% of the population hadnt any news of a vaccine let alone 80% actually having had the vaccine unlike now so to my mind totally different.

Well our telethon event has been cancelled, so this prefecture is being stricter.