Vehicle de Collection

I have just been told that it costs 57 euros for a replacement CG which is more than I had hoped.
Anyway, needs must so the ants.gouv application has been lodged.
Does anyone know how much it costs to change a standard CG into a 30 year plus ‘vehicle de collection’ CG? I cannot find any tarif on the website.

Damian… don’t think it is a straight swap… seem to recall we had to go through FFVE some years ago…

between our 2 links… he should get there… :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello and thank you to you both for the information. I had already done my research and was in fact asking if anybody knew the scale of charges before I begin the process. The black plate is optional but the big advantage is the five year CT spread.

The 5 year between tests is mainly due to the fact that VdC are generally not used as everyday cars …

Of course it will be up to you to ensure that your V de Collection is always up to legal requirements… if you intend using it on the roads… :upside_down_face:

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I was not requesting a lecture on morals or road safety. I simply wondered if anyone knew the costs associated with transferring a CG to VdC.

My VdC is also very cheap to insure.

My word… sorry if what I said caused you any offence… I was merely pointing out what some folk do forget or overlook …

I have many, many years’ experience of such folk and the troubles they find themselves in… :rofl: :frowning: :zipper_mouth_face:

Generally speaking… if I am asked to lecture on a subject… it does run to more than a couple of sentences… and I always get a good meal at the end… :hugs:

Costs for obtaining paperwork from the FFVE is quoted on their website… and the other costs are (I thought) mentioned on the link from David… perhaps not… but certainly they are available somewhere on the web… :upside_down_face:

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Yes that is another advantage David. I have the Renault R6 immatriculated as VdC and am considering switching my Daf 66 coupe.

If my Visa has the black plates, & is already a VdC, does it keep that status when I register it in my name?

Yes, should be no problem whatsoever… if nothing is being changed except the ownership… :hugs: the status remains…

and you do have all the paperwork from the Notaire ??? (was that you or someone else)

should have said… if the existing immatriculation numbering is “old-style”… the vehicle will be given a new immatriculation number and thus need to have new plates…

Old style: image

you can then opt for black or modern plates as you choose…

Sorry Damian, I haven’t clue about CG costs (except all rental cars seem to registerted in 60 so that must be cheap) but I had a DAF 66 Marathon in '77 or '78. I can’t rememebr any more :slightly_smiling_face: She an I had an argument with some unlit roadworks and unfortunately, unlike me, she was a write-off . The rubber band gearbox was interesting but it really sapped power.

I’d been helping the Chequered Flag service crew on rallies for a couple of years and then with a couple of collegues wrote (to the best of my knowledge) the first on site Rally results system. The RAC had been using a mainframe for a few years but nothing in the Rally HQs.

My employers, Nixdorf, lent us the kit in return for stickers on all competing cars. I’m the good looking one on the left :joy:

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I admire your restraint Stella! I thought that from someone seeking information his/her reply was bloody rude!



As far as writing off DAF cars is concerned John, I believe that a fair few fell foul of stock car racing in reverse in the Netherlands. This activity gained popularity, I am informed by Dutch friends, due to the fact that they go as fast in reverse as they do going forward.


:rofl: :rofl: if that is you when your are slightly irritated… let’s hope none of us really gets you riled… :upside_down_face: :smile: :smile: :smile:


In case you have missed it… I sent you a message asking you to edit your words re Norman Clark…

cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

Well I didn t appreciate his words.

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I didn’t appreciate your words to me… but I did not resort to being rude…

please amend your post re Norman