Very cold but beautiful this morning!

It's minus three degrees Celsius here in Dax at 10 am.

How cold is it where you are?

Post a photo!

not so cold in the evening… happy, healthy & hasslefree 2015!

I thought it was part of his arrangements with the seven dwarfs. Snow White perhaps, but let's say this covers up what the wicked stepmother is no jealous of.

On the other hand, person without a profile and a white square. Hmm, the new Evans crusade begins...

Well yes Brian,apart from the wife-swapping, debauchery and cross-dressing of course !

Whiter than white perhaps?

This is the new cherubic 'me' Vic

Not to mention the cross-dressing !

We all have our little foibles !

(In back room, Pete puts on the foundation, eye shadow...). Yoohoo, boys!

Gasps all round!

All shaved off now Vic, i'm back to my boyish good looks nowadays !

Seeing Blakey revived memories of some vintage british comedy - my favourite character was poor old Arthur, hitched to nympho Olive.

I'll have you know i'm a mere whippersnapper compared to the majority on here !

titter :)

Peter, I shall wait until I am your age first...

Trou Normand was at about 10pm Peter. Then we had a game of Risk and I won :)

Then champers and the bises, Meilleurs Voeux à tous!

It is amazing how those few minutes each day change the length of the afternoon. Last evening it was still bright at 1800 whereas ten days ago it was decidely murky at 1730 !

Re the beard Brian, how about if ou shave it off, give up the ageing hippy look and make yourself look twenty years younger ?

I repeated the time and distance yesterday. Back about 10 minutes ago and this morning is -6° now, so what was it just before 0730? There are two particular beautiful places I walked through. One is a small hilltop ridge that looks down on a beautiful hamlet, the other through the forest down into the little river valley, over and well beyond the Dordogne where it is all just forest for kilometres. The small valleys are all filled with heavy mist and the rising sun, which is now huge and incredibly aglow, makes it look like a fairy grotto. The other is the top of the hill we are part way up although pushing 10 minutes walk away. It overlooks the small river valley and has only a little open land and a few farm buildings in view. It is beautiful all year round but days like today with the light it is stunning.

I know I ought to have a camera with me, however I find that it doesn't work with two dogs all but dragging me much of the time. Unfortunately they have to stay on leads because I really do not fancy waiting ages for them chasing wildlife every few minutes and hunters in the woods as the light improves who either complain or might well just shoot them. I'll sometime get round to getting to both places with a camera and no dogs one day.

Anyway, apart from that, I got in with my beard and hair full of ice, the GSD had some on his ears and neck (being long haired) and the stove was all but fought over as both dogs went for it and I wish to open up the hot plates to warm my my face a bit.

I can see the minutes of light earlier by the day, from 21 December to now the first light like today can be just seen at 0700, midwinter day it was closer to 0730, roll on spring - but not too fast.

I went out with my dogs at 0730 and walked until 0900. It was -4° when I got back, so who knows when I went out. Looked much like yours James, except the mist along the valley we sit in. Great when I was above it looking down on a soft white sea with a beautiful dawn. I love these mornings.

Very cold here -6 this morning. I was working outside looking like an eskimo.

I know it's a bit early, but I'll be "gone" by midnight :D

Blast, I was hoping to be there for Le Trou Normand !

Ah, just in time for the cognac or the grappa from Susa then, Peter!

Sounds delish Ian, hold everything i'm on me way - should be there for about 0300 in the morning !