Visa application problem - help please!

Hi I’m British, living in the UK, applying for VLS-TS one year visitor, having difficulty filling out the form on tls-contact, and hoping someone might be able to help.

I intend to move permanently to France, renewing the visa every year for 5 years, then applying for carte de résidence

The difficult question on the form is in three parts - date of departure from origin, date of arrival in Schengen area and finally the bit I’m stuck on - date of departure from Schengen area.

I’m not intending departing, but it won’t let me leave the field bank.

Thanks in advance

As you are applying for a one year visa, your date of exit on your application must be less than one year from your date of entry.


You mention one year visitor, perhaps you need to put down the date one year away!

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Ahhh, but they don’t know that.


You must not assume that you will be able to stay for more than 1 year… you must show a date for departure which falls within the 12 months.

(Who knows what the future holds. Depending on circumstances , you might not be able to obtain an extension/new visa to stay on …:wink: )

Put in the latest date possible within the year… and cross your fingers that you will manage to legally stay longer (with appropriate permissions/visas/whatever…)

You don’t seem to be using the same form as I did, though mine was a ‘paper’ form.
Question 26. Intended date of entry into France of the Schengen Area.
Question 27. Intended duration of stay on the territory of France. Tick boxes for Between 3 and 6 months, From 6 months to one year, More than one year (which I used).

VLS-TS received last week, just 8 days after submitting application in London.

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Thanks, AntPics. Where did you get your paper form from?

France-Visas site is down for maintenance at the moment. However, I have found this online form that gives the 3-6 month, 6-12 month, and more than one year options.
Hope this will work for you.

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Thank you so much!
Did you post your paper form to TLS-Contact?
How did you get your appointment?

I made the booking at TLS-Contact online. Printed out the booking confirmation form and took that and all my other paperwork to the appointment and handed it over at the London office.

Thanks, AntPics

I think TLS-Contact must have changed something on their website.
I filled out the form that you sent me on france-visas, then headed over to TLS-Contact and created an account, but I can’t find any way of booking an appointment. I only have the « start an application « option, which opens the form which asks for my date of leaving the schengen area.
I’ll try to ring them on Monday, although I’ve heard reports of it taking 4 hours to get through….

Either you have fundamentally misunderstood the process or you are using the wrong terminology.
A visa is the document that allows you to enter a country. Some visas give you the right to reside and some do not Once you have entered France on a visa that gives you the right to reside, you then apply for a carte de séjour which is the document that, for its period of validity proves you are living here legally, It is the CdS not the visa that you apply to renew each year. Sometimes the visa itself acts as a CdS once you have validated it and paid the fee after arrival, and in that case you don’t apply for a CdS until nearing the end of your first year. Once you have validated your visa/obtained your CdS you are regarded as resident in France.

It sounds rather as if you are attempting to apply for temporary visitor visa that expires at the end of the year (or however long it is valid for), does not give you the right to reside and cannot be renewed. You could potentially keep returning to the UK applying for a fresh temporary visa year after year’although it is not guaranteed to be granted year after year) but doing that can never lead to residency because this type of visa is only issued to temporary visitors who live in another country. Logically, that would be why you are being asked when you intend to leave Schengen, to ensure that you do intend to return to your home country.


Sorry Sandcastle. It’s terminology. I’m applying for VLS-TS long stay visa. I will be sure to apply for when I arrive and renew annually carte de séjour, not visa. Thanks for putting me right.
However, that is not my problem! My problem is with figuring out what to do on the TLS-Contact website in order to get an appointment.
I have filled out my france-visas form without issue and have ticked the more than one year box.
The TLS-Contact website, once I create an account, doesn’t give me an option to book an appointment, only to fill in said application form. It appears there’s nothing else I can do on that site.

Have you submitted your visa application and paid the fee? I think that once you have paid and got your reference number, you should then be automatically redirected to the site where you make your appointment. Or you should be able to access the appointments via this page using your visa application reference number which you get when your application is complete

Basically you need to link the appointment to your completed visa application using your reference number. If it is inviting you to start an application, it would seem that you have not done this.

Thanks, Sandcastle. I have a reference number from france-visas, but it’s TLS-Contact I need an appointment with, not VLS Global. I am a UK citizen wishing to move to France.

Hello Gilly Billy

We had the same problem too. In the end I went back in to TLSContact website and got up our file, I clicked on ‘modify’ on our application, did no changes and then saved. Then it went green. At that stage we were able to book an appointment. Albeit, it took me six days to get the booking calendar to load before I could book appointment for us. Failing that you can email them as I did and I did get a reponse.

Good luck, don’t know if it will work but worth a try. The TLS software is definitely flakey and seems more so if you are using Apple devices.

PS : Sorry this is my first post as I should have introduced myself first, will get on with that next


Thank you so much, Blade46. I feel a little less alone now :blush:
I’ve emailed tls-contact so hopefully they’ll help me out, and I’ll keep persisting. I am doing this well in advance so happily I have time on my side.
Thanks for the encouragement :grin:

Blade46- how did you answer the infernal question « date of departure « ?

Oh we just put in the day before the year was up. Dead simps. I agree the system is not intuitive but just play it for what it is and you will be so fine. You have to give a date as you are applying for what is in effect a 1 year visa, so have to state a date of return within that year period. Do not give up, it will all come good in the end - we got through it despite all the associated system difficulties. You will be ok

Blade46 thank you so much for your support. It really means a lot. I am now one determined GillyBilly! Look out, France. I’m on my way!